Positive Vibes Only: Lets be fabulous!

Heyy there, you fabulous thing you! 😉

goodvibes only

Lets Be Fabulous

fabulous me
Chlo Jack Her Self :Lets be Fabulous

Even if your not feeling super positive today no worries, just by applying a few or even planning to follow a few of these steps could change your mood and mind set for the best. At the end of the day A happy you = A happy life, and happiness makes the world go round 😉 … Yah?!

happy happy

The Steps to positive vibes:

No 1 Learn to love yourself Gal! 

Take pride in who you are, and believe in yourself in all that you are. You have achieved so much ! It is important that you are comfortable in your own skin. Do whatever it takes to make you feel good about yourself… Take that hundredth selfie in your new top and post it, because thats you, and you should be proud of that! YOLO !  We have all experienced a lack of self confidence and some form of self doubt at some point in our lives, but its important that we don’t beat ourselves up too much because that only leads to feeling really dull, (been there, done that, got the t-shirt… several times and it doesn’t suit me!!). Being dull is not productive for anyone, especially not for you!  (ITS A NO NO)!!

Remember: Happy You = Happy Life !

Learn to love yourself more because learning to love yourself in healthy quantities allows others to love you better, and we all deserved to be loved for who we really are!

Love yourselff
Pinterest  Inspired: by Mandy Hale .

No 2 Chase your dreams!

Create longterm dreams, work towards goals and choose tasks to work towards. Life is full of challenges, but why not create your own realistic challenges that will push you out your comfort zone, even a just wee bit and that will make your life that little bit more exciting. This will allow you to be proud of accomplishments that you make!! (It all adds to the positive vibes in us, yah?!) Don’t be afraid of failing either because that self doubt only prevents dreams from becoming a reality !!

no doubt
Inspired by Pinterest : By Karim Seddik

If you know what you want from life just go get it!! There is no stop in anyone doing anything they dream of doing, providing they have the motivation to proceed. 🙂

A challenge that I am going for this year is taking part in the Muddy Race to help raise funds for Cancer Research. I not only had a drive to do this in order to raise funds for such a worthy charity, but I also wanted to give myself a taster for a sporting event like this! Its an experience, its a challenge and it will be good fun!

Also just to note, when you achieve these dreams and challenges,  be proud of your your accomplishments.

Inspired by Pinterest: By Lifehack

No 3 Be Grateful

Being grateful and respectful for the little thing in life shows an abundance of gratitude and respect and helps you to appreciate the blessings that life gives us. At the beginning of 2018 I started a gratitude jar. I  having been writing good things that happen to me; Surprise gifts, accomplished goals, the beauty of nature, “LOL moments” (a lot of these) , memories worth saving and daily blessings. I have tried to find at least one positive to write on paper and pop in the jar everyday.. I know that it can sometimes be hard to find a positive if you have had a bad day, but try to put a positive spin on bad experiences that you encounter.

grattitude jar
Photo by ChloJackonHerMac: Gratitude Jar

No 4 Act of kindness on a daily basis 

Okay so most of us heard about the Random act of  kindness day on 17th of Feb right? Why have just one random day of being kind? Why not try and be kind to someone everyday. ITS FREE! We should have the courage and the desire to be kind to people always.  Never feel ashamed to show compassion towards people, a simple kind turn could make someones day 100x better and lift their spirits. At the end of the day we don’t always know the battles that people are facing on their own, so a simple smile could could cheer someone up 🙂  While being kind and lifting others up,  we are also lifting our own spirits up and being kind to ourselves as well ! 🙂

Inspired by Pinterest: by Esty

No 5 Surround yourself around lovers, not haters. 

Surround yourself around those that love you and that remind you that you are just ultra Fabulousssss ! We don’t need to be around people who pull the fabulousness out of us..its toxic! Just don’t let anyone rain on your parade or dull your sparkle. If you’ve got that sparkle, let that sparkle shine, brightly! 🙂

dont let anyone dull yur sparkel

Life is too short! Every minute of our lives that we give to someone is extremely precious, so make that time count for those that deserve your time

No 6 Create Adventure

Find peace in your self and live your life to the fullest.  Create new enriching experiences.  Perhaps try some new foods or visit new places.  This year I have some new adventures up my sleeve that I am so excited about and I cannot wait to share them with you along the way.. I want to go to new places and try new foods and be with people that love me for me, and just live my life really ! YOLO!

Isle of lewis  First Adventure of the year: Officially the most excited person on the planet! Hev, (my bestest) only went and got me ferry     vouchers for my birthday so I can get over to her beautiful little Isle of Lewis . This will be an adventure in its self ! So excited! Stroll on April! 🙂

No 7  Be at peace with yourself: relax

Do things that allow you to relax. Its important that we have some ‘me time‘ from time to time. Relaxing is something I really struggle to do. I feel like I always have to be doing something. It isn’t for the want of trying to relax, I think I just need to teach myself. (ughh)  My strategy to relax is mainly listening to music…


This is my February playlist which I am really digging at the moment.. its keeping me going.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

No 8 Healthy Body/ Healthy mind

Get your exercise oan ! I go swimming at least twice a week to relax and keep fit. Find a sport that you enjoy and that keeps you moving aboot ! You will be amazed how refreshed your mind and body feels after exercising. Set goals to make it more engaging. Setting goals that you can work towards will help towards the step in loving yourself.


No 9 Be the change you want to see in your self.

At the end of the day only you can make any changes that you want to see in yourself . Just believe in yourself and this will make life a happy place to be in for both yourself and for the people around you. I believe in you, because your fabulous ! 😉

life sparkle
Inspired by Pintrest

No 10  Stop overthinking and worrying.

I am totally guilty of overthinking, overanalysing and just overall worrying about most things, and its only because I really care. I know there is no point in overthinking but I understand that it can often be difficult to control thoughts, worries and emotions, especially if your an anxious person. This is where step no 7 would be useful to follow. Learn to take a step back and relax. This will open your mind to certain situations and help you see a different perspective. Worrying and overthinking really doesn’t get us anywhere, it just puts us in our unhappy place. 😦 So think positively lovelies! 🙂

Inspired by Pinterest: By simple Reminders

To conclude

Remember things may take time, but every step towards being positive makes you fabulous!

good things take time

Thats all from Chlo Jack on Her Mac this time: I am gonna go and work on being super positive now. I hope you enjoyed reading this. Please feel free to follow or comment on my blog site or on my social media links on the right up there. ->

I would really love to see how YOU obtain positive vibes, maybe we could learn from each other 🙂

I will catch you again next time you fabulous thing you ! 😉

Lots of love from

Chlo Jack




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