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Life Is Better With Friends! 7 Types Of Best Friend You Need in Your Life!

Hi Fwendd


It’s no lie that life is defiantly better with friends.. and this blog is a shout out to all my best girls who I love and adore with all my heart! ❤ Your know who you are.. 😉

I spent years of my schooling life making new friends for them then just to be swept away.. whether that be because they moved away or because some toad bully decided they would sweep in like a gull and snap them up and hide away with them .. leaving me feeling sadly excluded.. (not a nice feeling for anyone). But like anything while growing up, these people formed a learning experience for my adult life! (Rule 101- Don’t fuss over toads! ) 🙂

So making friends at school seemed nearly impossible to say the least… but little did I know during these difficult times that this would all be a distance memory one day.. as I was destined to meet the bestessst friends that I could have ever ever asked for. I met them when I started college in 2013… 5 years down the line and we are still going strong and being the best version of ourselves, meeting up and keeping in contact regularly ! And when I say regularly, I mean very regularly..  I talk to my best friends pretty much ever single day, and its great!

Facebook is such a wonderful networking tool!

facebook frientd

My best friends each have a unique personality which each creates a unique friendship role within my life..

7 types of best friend you should have in your life time..

1. A Soul Sistaaa

A Soul Sistaa is your go to, the one who just gets you, and all your weirdness and loves you for it. She is you sistaa from another mista! She’s the one you talk to about EVERYTHINGGG and she listens with patients and understanding and never gets tired of your pointless dramas (or even if she does haha she doesn’t make you feel ignored, because you matter to her).  You can laugh, both at and with one another without it being offensive. She’s the one you take ugly selfies with. She is someone who tells you to pursue your dreams and she’s the one who lifts you up in times of sadness and disbelief. She’s the one who’s seen you in your worst state but doesn’t judge you for it, she’s the one that knows almost everything about you and has seen you in your drunkest state. She’s the one who’s got your back when a guy comes up to you in a bar thats a NO GO ! She’s the one who will catch your tears, pick up your tiara and place it back on your head and will remind you of your worth, and you will trust what she says! She’s the one who knows all your deepest and darkest secrets, but still loves you all the same. There is no one tighter that your soul sister. She is the anchor that holds you in place when your just floating.

My Soul sister is Hev.

Sadly my soul Sisstaa is hundreds of miles away, but that doesn’t stop her from being my No 1. This just shows you that nothing, not even distance can hinder the bond of a true friendship.

Memories with my Soul Sister  ❤

soul sista

2. A Loyal Best Friend

A Loyal Best Friend is the one person that you can count on and trust not to let you down! NOT EVER, no matter what! She is humble and will always be there for you during the best and hardest times of your life. She is thoughtful and she knows you almost as much as you know yourself. She builds your confidence to the highest sky scrapper and is there when you crumble ! She is someone you share common interests with. She too is there to listen to all your yarns and pointless drama’s, and is totally non-judgemental. A loyal best friend accepts who you are, but also helps shapes who you are and who you will become. A Loyal Best Friend is there for you through thick and thin.

My loyal best friend is Ash.


Ashleigh (AKA Ashling) was the very first of my best friends that I met when I started college.. I met her in the cafe bar at the college (it doesn’t seem that long ago).. When we were on our day out last week we only just realised that our friendship had been going strong for 5 years already ! They say that a friendship that lasts for as long as 5 years will last a lifetime..

3. A Wise Homedawg

Everyone needs a close best friend that is WISE! This best friend is full of wisdom, and really really useful and sensible advice when you seek it most. She knows you well enough to know exactly what is best for you in a time of crisis and will shower you with her wise words for you to act upon yourself, as you wish. This best friend gives you the time of day no matter what her situation is. This best friend is totally selfless and is completely understanding. This best friend is so patient and understanding and doesn’t judge you, or your situation. This best friend never looks down on you unless they are helping you up. This best friend is smart and independent and is full of maturity. This best friend inspires us to become a better version of our self all the time. She reminds you that your fabulous when you forget. A wise homedawg is a close friend that you can confide in that has all the right advice to say to you. She is one of a kind.

My Wise Homedawg is Taylor.


4. A Crazy Fun, But Brutally Honest Confident

This best friend is a motherly version of a best friend. She is totally down for having a laugh and a really good time (and can be quite the little dare devil 😉 ), but she will not hold back to stick her protective motherly hat on when it comes to your wellbeing. She is someone you can laugh with and act silly with for hours.  She is one who encourages you to seek self confidence in yourself. She listens to you and will tell you brutally honest truths that you NEED to hear. We all need someone who is brutally honest with us, no matter what the situation is. She is a positive ray of sunshine, always try’s to see the bright side. She reassures you when you are in doubt. She is a bundle of joy that loves you dearly and knows when the truth will benefit your wellbeing.

My crazy fun, brutally honest best friend is Mel.


5 A Best Friend From A Different Culture

A best friend from another culture allows you to learn and experience new cultures, values, and traditions, which may encourage you to adopt new ways of of approaching life. A best friend from another culture is someone you can learn from and take inspiration from.

My best friend from a different culture is Maryam.


I am hoping to travel and visit Maryam in Canada sometime soon. This will be an amazing reunion!

6. A Work Best Friend


We spend most of our lives in the work place and so a work best friend is a pretty good idea, right?! Having a work best friend has been proven to make your time at work less depressing and more enjoyable. We all need someone who we can have a giggle with, ask us to make a coffee and who we can chill with on our break and have a yarn with. A work best friend is that one person you can share things with when the goings are tough in the work place, because more than often they too can relate to things that go on in a work place.  They are the one person thats got your back at work. A work best friend doesn’t need to be someone that you are totally close with, but you just click with. However, if you do get to know someone well in the work place often they can become a good friend that you can hang out with out with the work place, or even when you no longer work with them.

My work best friend is Lindsay.

We met each other in the Hospitality Industry. Lindsay and I no longer work with each other, but we still keep in touch and meet up from time to time. ❤

7. A Best Friend That Is Down For Adventures Anytime/Anyplace..

This is a best friend that is down for spontaneous adventures, crazy fun ideas and just having the best time ever. This friend will embrace all your weirdness and craziness and you will feel totally comfortable and at ease around them. This best friend allows you to let your hair down and relax.  This is someone that you can do anything and everything with, and who you will experience so many new foods, places and ideas with. This best friend is always nearby which is why it makes it so easy to drop things and just go on spontaneous adventures with.

I haven’t found this type of best friend yet 🙂


The Meaning of Friendship!

Enter a caption
So true.. it is all the small things that make a friendship perfect in its own wee way..
accept your freinds
We are all different, love those that love you for who you are…
A Best Friend is Someone who:
  • Listens to your; yarns, rants and worries and pointless dramas..
  • Is a shoulder to cry on night or day..
  • Celebrates all your achievements..
  • Send wee thinking of you texts..
  • Someone you can shares inside jokes with..
  • Laughs with you until you have made abs (who needs the gym when you can laugh)
  • Knows each other well (often makes predictions before something is said or done)
  • Makes time 🙂
  • Is there for you through the hardships faced..
  • Cares and loves you..
  • Doesn’t judge you by who or what you are..
  • Doesn’t purposefully hurt you, or your feelings..
  • Is a loyal bit*h 😛
  • Is honest and trustworthy..
  • Respects you..
  • Forgive you..
  • Is reliable..
  • Supports and understands you..
  • Makes you feel special on your birthday..
  • Shows random acts of kindness..
  • Makes sure your home safe..
  • Is interested in your life..
  • Believes in you and pushes you towards your dreams and capabilities..
  • Makes memories and captures moments on camera with you..
  • Goes on mate dates (with no fuss) (Ash and nearly always choose the same dish in a restaurant).
  • Is someones company you enjoy..
  • Has a lot of common interests..
  • Allows you to let your emotion out without judging you..
  • Hugs you tight..
  • Has seen you at your worst state, but doesn’t care cause they they love and understand you..
  • Knows your TRUEST colours..
  • Has seen you drunk (Got all the “I love you’s” they could ever ask for while eating chips at the end of the night) 😛
  • Can go days without talking, but the friendship doesn’t get weird (you just pick it up where you left off).
  • Helps you pick the best outfit..
  • Does your hair and makeup..
  • Shares what they have with you..
  • The list could go on and on and onnnn

You will know who your best friends are..

I am happiest when I am with my Best Friends ❤ 

I love all of my best friends so much, they have lifted my confidence and moulded a better version of myself over the last 5 years of knowing them. They have been especially supportive through my hardships and for that I cannot thank them enough. An understanding and patient friendship should never be taken for granted. I am so thankful to have each and every one of them in my life. I truly truly mean that. It has taken a long time to find such a special selection of people to share memories, laughs, secrets and adventures and achievements with. May our friendship last a life time.

thank them

Go and tell your friends how much they mean to you!

Some ideas on how to thank your besties:
  • Send them a thank you text and show them that you appreciate them (cute right)
  • Send them a funky/cute gif
  • Send them a bunch of flowers
  • Send them a surprise gift
  • Send them a letter or postcard
  • Call them up
  • Offer to take them for a girly luncheon
  • Call em (Ring ring bit*h, it’s me ) 
  • Throw them a surprise birthday party
  • Make them something they will love
  • Give em a big hug 🙂
  • Rip a CD with all your favourite choons on it!
  • Do something they will love!! ❤

Anyways friends, thats all from chlo today 😉 ❤

I hope you enjoyed this blogg post please like and leave yer comments 😉

Love always 

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