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Be Heard And Wear Your Heart With Pride!

Hey There Lovelies.. 🙂

This week Mental Health and Invisible Illness Resources are promoting a campaign called “The Heart Project” to raise the awareness of Mental Health! The aim of the project is to fight the stigma and let people know that they should not be ashamed and that they are not alone… They hope that this campaign will start positive conversations about mental health.

During this week people all over the world are drawing a heart or many hearts, using the official awareness colours of their illness(es), onto the wrist, arm or ankle. Each heart has a colour to represent an illness. They advise you to use felt tips pens, washable markers, paint, nail varnish or photoshop them onto a photo.

The heart project 1

To Get Involved

Take a picture of your hearts and upload them on their Facebook page press here (for the link), or click on their event page, or you can apply the frame setting onto your profile picture and other social media. Then hashtag it #TheHeartProject

If you don’t suffer from a mental illness and you still want to take part to show your support the campaign has suggested that you draw a RED heart on your wrist, arm or ankle. ❤

You may be wondering why I am talking about this in my blog .. but in fact this topic is pretty close to my heart too.. I wear Teal.. and with pride!



Every heART has a story to tell, and this is mine..

Okay here goes …this is the low down.. in fact wait – it is the high up!

Lets keep this upbeat!

This campaign has come around at a very poignant time in my life because I am actually just coming to the end of therapeutic support for anxiety, and may I just say…

♥ “I feel like a new woman NOW!!!” 🙂 ♥

No seriously! This is no exaggeration… 5 months ago it was a challenge to walk out the door freely and manage negative thinking and anxiety attacks.  But today… boy you cant stop me from walking out the door with confidence and swagga.. I am totally embracing life and I am here there and everywhere- there is defiantly no stop in me now!!! 😉

I am back to my old bubbly, daft, energetic, outgoing self ! And I really feel amazing for it ! 🙂

You know why I feel better? Well because after a lot of years I have finally plucked up the courage to reach out for the right support and work on myself and build my self confidence and my self esteem, which has forcefully damped down the anxiety and low mood! #selfcareiskey

happy happy

The initial nervousness and anxiousness about reaching out for help was TOTALLY worth it! I understand that reaching out and speaking up is one of the hardest things to do, but if YOU are somebody that struggles with symptoms of anxiety, or any mental illness for that matter, please please please know you are NOT alone! Reaching out to the right people that can help you is sooo worth it because you so deserve the support and you will thank yourself in the future for doing so! I promise x

Check out my “Support suggestions section” further down in this blog for more info on how you could go about  getting support! ❤

Anxiety doesn’t define who you are, it is just a little part of who you are, and who you can overcome with the right support strategies and determined attitude..

Experiencing anxiety does not make you any lesser a person than someone who doesn’t experience it! Always remember that!


I am aware of how common this is to millions of people across the world and I hope that writing this blog will educate and bring, if not a fuller understanding, then hopefully a better understanding to a few folks.

Mental Health has been Tabooed for far too long! However saying that it is beginning to be spoken about more openly and is becoming a bit more understood, but there are still a few folks lurking around that really just don’t get it ! (“Anxiety? Pfft, well thats an excuse!”. ) Well actually it is not an excuse.. it is very far from it… here is some insight about anxiety for those of you that just don’t get it!

what not to say

The Facts

What is Anxiety ?

Anxiety is the feeling of being worried, tense or afraid. Generally we draw emotion and concern to things that are about to happen, or which we think “could” happen in our future. Anxiety is a natural human response to varies levels of threat which is known as the fight or flight response. Anxiety is experienced through thoughts, feelings and physical sensations.

The vast majority of us have experienced a level of anxiety in our life time, big or small, whether that be the nerves of an exam or test results or something along those lines. However some live with a level of anxiety that forces an impact to their everyday lives.. and it looks like this-

  • The feelings of anxiety get stronger and last longer
  • Fears, worries and thoughts are magnified beyond rationality of the situation
  • You find yourself avoiding certain situations that can trigger anxiety
  • The worries, thoughts and feelings become distressing and difficult to manage and shut down
  • Symptoms of anxiety are regular and start to impact on your happiness and doing things that you enjoy.

It is at this point in someones life that anxiety becomes a mental health concern and something needs to be done about to in order to improve it and manage it.

How Does Anxiety Come Around?

There are is no definitive answer to that. There are different forms of anxiety, but generally speaking anxiety comes around from a series of factors such as: past experiences, pleasing others and meeting expectations, and when something becomes overly important.

please others

The Feelings 


It is a clenching physical pain in your chest that you literally want to rip out and throw away!

…Have you ever sat on a chair an almost fallen off and had a little burst of adrenaline in your chest with sudden fear that you might fall??.. Well thats how it feels, but for longer periods of time.. and it is often unexpected…

You feel as though the negative thoughts and irrational worries and concerns control EVERYTHING about you; your mood, your behaviour and your reactions and your beliefs. It is a lot more challenging when those around us misunderstand and don’t have the patients and understanding to support the feelings and rollercoaster of emotion. This creates more of a spiral of emotion and increases the level of anxiety and a build up of anxiety attacks.

Anxiety attacks are not always as people imagine them to be, “rocking  and hyperventilating” … nah sometimes you can’t see an anxeity attack and sometimes you may be able too…

anxiety .jpg

Managing Anxiety (The Coping Strategies!)

It is possible to have good anxiety days and bad anxiety days. There are a variety of strategies to manage anxiety..I find that keeping myself busy and motivated keeps the mood high, the confidence and self esteem high and the anxiety right down low..

Building confidence and self esteem, and encouraging positivity in life has been the biggest strategy to me feeling better…

self love

This Can Be Done By Carrying Out Acts Of Self Care Such As:

  • Regular exercise and mindfulness (yoga)  (Healthy body Healthy mind) 
  • Working on fitness goals
  • Working towards personal goals and achievements
  • Listening to good upbeat music
  • I made a mood board with a lot of inspirational quotes
  •  I have a gratitude jar where I write: positives, memories and things that I am thankful for, which maintains a positive frame of mind.

exersise for mental health

When Things Are Tough:

  • Write things down get it out your system without having to speak to anyone..
  • Breath!!! Count to 10 !
  • Speak to a health professional or someone you can trust
  • Read Ishi 🙂 (Award winning book!)
  • Apply strategies suggested by a health professional

Support Suggestions:

how to look after yourself

Don’t Listen to the Haterz! Make Time For The Supporterz!

Know that people that don’t care about you will discriminate you, make a fool of you, make you out to be some kind of looney bin! Ignore them! They have 0 compassion, understanding or maturity to understand that you are someone who is actually just struggling with a few things.. and for them to make a fool of you is only impacting on you even more! Ignore them, they want you to go deeper into a dark hole than you already are! Well let me tell you, this was the motivation that got me out of that deep dark hole that I was stuck in! Releasing that..

Pick yourself up and show them you can shrug off what they say and think.. and that you can be a better version of yourself !

Let me tell you that someone with anxiety cares more than you will ever imagine and they are someone who just needs a little patients, understanding and TLC…They are people in your life that will always care and love you no matter what!

A genuine supporter is someone that will always take care of you and support and love you as you are.. Please recognise who these angels are and put your trust, faith and energy into these people.. you will know exactly who these supporterz are 🙂 ♥


Anxiety does not define me! Anxiety does not define you ! Anxiety does NOT define US! 

Be Stronger Than Your Mind!

Remember in order to improve how you feel you must have the upmost want and enthusiasm to work towards getting better. I had so much determination to make this happen and I see and feel amazing results! Anything is possible !! We are all different and so it will take a different length of time for everyone to manage anxiety !

 The aim is to have more power over your mind, that way you will win every time..


♥Please wear your heart with pride, whether your a fighter or a supporter .. I am wearing my fight and support on my sleeve with pride ♥

support hearts

Please be kind always and lets show our support to everyone out there, after all everyone is fighting a battle we know nothing about!



Thats all from Chlo Jack today..

Lots of love  ❤


bw chlo

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