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Chlo Jack is Back ! Lets Catch Up and Talk Summaa Highlights and Achieving Goals!

Helooooo – It’s Meee ….!!  (I was wondering after all these months if you’d like to go over everything…)  haha ! OKAY OKAY enough of the Adele karaoke Chlo!


Chlo Jack, is backkkkk!!

chlo jack is back yah

Did ya miss me !? 😛

I missed youuu ! I also missed writing tbh..

Bet your thinking hello stranger though haha ! Goodness sake Chlo (Here we go with all the puns already) ! Yeh, so Chlo Jack is BACK and she is crazier than ever! (As you can see) 😉

I know it has been foreverrrr and I am forever soz that it has been forevverr since you last heard from me… I  have been working solid on my Masters Degree project! Which is soooo finished btw!!! 😛 (Huir flick)! (I handed it in three weeks weeks early as well) haha!  (There is a first for everything!) 😛 (P.s I wish WordPress had emojis because I naturally want to use the little emoji girl with her hand out like “yeah”!) haha!

Not sure if you have been in the loop (via the gram) but, I had posted a few pics of my recent ventures to let you see ! 🙂

Have YOU had a good a summer ?!

I have un-doubtfully had the best summa ever tbh… you know why, because I have been soooooo busy and I am normally always complaining that I’m bored during the summer! But I literally haven’t stopped for a break haha ! And it is just the way I like it!!  😉

I hope this summer has brought you as much joy as it has for me! 🙂

I thought it be a relevant, “I’m back blog” to to take you through the top goals/ highlights from my summa, and also because summer “officially” ended on the 23rd of September according to google.. and we should get a last glimpse of the summer vibes before the hoodie and cosy hot chocolate vibes fall…!

My top summa highlights are goals that I had set back in May within my Bucket List blog…. (If you haven’t seen my Bucket List blog yet, you can visit it by clicking here)! I have been altering that blog when I achieve something on the lists, or when I want to add another cool idea to the list!  Anyways lets get to the highlights of this summer yah !

Chlo’s 2018 Summer Highlights !

1. Peow peow Masters project DONE!

TICK DAT OFF !! This now means my final Semester of Uni is finished… Uni is finished…  OMG! Uni life is finished foreverrrr ! Unless I go back to do a PhD! 😉 (We shall see what the future holds!) Now it’s a waiting game to get results back aaaa ! haha It’s gonna be a longgg wintery wait ! All I want for Christmas is a big fat Masters Degree Certificate, please Santa! Pweelze! 🙂 (Big Thanks goes to my study pup, green tea and millionaire short cake minis and music for getting me through!!) I’m actually emosh about completing this piece of work..

happy chlo

2. Blossomed as a result of Selfcare….

I have been working on improving my health, fitness and wellbeing this summer.. and I feel epic for it.. My time in getting my health back to a fit state was the biggest and best highlight of my summer ! Okay yeah I was on the munchies and less on the crunches for a while during the crucial stages of my course work, but I am totes back on the tread and dropping tha bread again ! (haha)!


3. Raised funds and Run Two 5k Charity Races!

In June I completed the 5k Muddy Race in aid of Cancer Research UK! Then in August there I raised funds for a charity very close to my heart and ran the 5 K Gung Ho! I’d have to say that from a fitness perspective and enjoyment perspective the muddy one was defo my fave! On to other charity and fitness goals now ! 😉 Keep your eyes peeled!

Muddy Race! 😛

Gung Ho! 😛

4. Spent quality time with my friends and family ❤

I went on quite a few adventures with ma girlies this summer … my favourite summer day out was strawberry picking…the weather was great ! I also got a chance to spend a bit of time with my parents over summer too, which was great also ! (Ama family gal!)



I have loved writing blogs for you to read this summer !


6.Worked hard & saved hard! Like you wouldn’t believe!

Heck I have been working solid this summer in lots of different types of work! It was totally worth it thought 😛 I will tell you why further down !  😉work

7. Two EPIC Summer Concerts !

My favourite male singer Edward Sheeran ❤ and babe Rita ora along with her support act, Sigma !


8. I won best in show with my boy dog! 🙂

It started out as a day out to get away from studying and ended up being a day filled with trophy cups and a wee confidence boost!

I have developed my skills in Digital Marketing ( I love this industry like you would believe) So much passion for it ! (That is another blog in itself!)

I have had a little taste of web design, content development, filming and business name developing this summer… which has been great fun!


9. Tried out a new water sport.. Paddle Boarding!

This is an epic water sport, especially when the weather is like the tropicana !

And my favourite highlight this summer 🙂 ……So there is a little something different with the life of Chlo Jack…

10. Chlo’s New Chapter…

I have built a home of my own, and began my career in an industry that I love!! 🙂

Chlo Jack is now on her Mac in her little Flat!! 😛 Yeah thats right I am all adultly now and have my own adult fort to: live in, look after and pay for ! haha ! I have also started my career in the Digital Marketing industry which I am so excited about.. in fact its a perfect Digital Marketing job.. I digitally market FOOD! Food guys! I love food !! 😛 Boy do I have some wild and ambitious ideas to bring to my new role ! So yeah this is why I have been working hard all summer… I had to save to afford my adult fort, and I will be honest with you it didn’t cost all that much to set up ! (Another blog to look out for) 😉

I cannot begin to explain how excited I am about my new venture… onwards and onto a new beginning 🙂 Just Me, Myself and I ! 😉

Set Goals….Smash them !

You may be thinking.. what value does this blog even have to me? Apart from getting some inside gossip on what some random girl has achieved in her life this summer.. Yeah this blog may have not provided you with direct valuable information, but what I would really like you to take from this blog post is the message and concept of;  “Anything is possible if you believe in yourself and put your mind and determination into achieving it!” Chlo Jack is all about the positive vibes ! 😉

Have a determined attidude

No matter what state of mind you are in right now.. push push push yourself from what ever state of mind you are in to achieve ALLLL of your dreams and aspirations! Yeah it might sound corny,  but seriously.. we get one life in this world! We need to LIVE IT NOW, and to the fullest! Also life should be lived in the way YOU want to live it!! I deliver this inspiration having reflected upon my own perspective… 9 months ago I was seriously at rock bottom (it wasn’t pretty), but I searched deep down for that determination I knew I had somewhere (that I have always had), and pushed myself to the top where I wanted to be, and now I have achieved nearly all of what I wanted to achieve this summer and I will continue to set up goals and achieve them ! You can do it too ! Go get em tiger 😉 Big or small, set goals and push yourself to reach them! Hard work pays off !!

be a wolf

It is great to be back to Chlo Jack On Her Mac! I hope you have enjoyed my “I’m back blog”! Ama continue to write blogs, achieve goals, enjoy the new chapter of my life and I will review my achievements again at the end of the year…

I would love to hear some of your goals or if you haven’t got any at the moment why not take a couple minutes to jot down a few and see if they can be achieved by the end of the year? No time like the present !

I will be in touch again soon… I have got lots of new blog content ideas coming up !

Thats all just now though…

Lots of Love from 

Chlo Jack 



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