The First Year of a Blogger..

Hey there, 🙂

Wow I cant even believe it has been a whole year already since I started my blogging journey! A year today! 🙂


I have thoroughly enjoyed writing and creating blogs for my audience to read. It is defiantly a journey that I don’t regret taking!  🙂 I could never be with out my blog now! ❤

I am also very delighted that my blog has reached further a field to some international countries. (Thank you everyone!)

It can be very daunting writing a blog, you sit and write some stuff that interests you, press publish and then it sits on your own little space on the internet and you just wonder if people will enjoy your writing/topic, or better yet if people will even look at it!?

 blogger 1.jpg

5 Things I Have Learnt On The First Year of My Blogging Journey

  • Be patient (results wont happen over night)
  • Be consistent (write regularly)
  • Write about things that interest YOU (Be real about things,  but not over personal)
  • Use social network to share your blogs and relevant keywords
  • Don’t look too much into the comments that are left on your blog (internet trolls do exist!)

5 Positive Points Of Writing a Blog

  • Allows you to share your ideas, thoughts and interests with others (Might even encourage others to try out things you write about too!)
  • It is a great sense of achievement when your finished producing a blog and check out your booming stats.
  • Builds a level of confidence
  • It’s relaxing and it is a great excuse for getting out on adventures!
  • It is a great tasks to test your creativity and ability in building a website.

5 Steps To Starting a Blog

  • Choose a platform (WordPress, blogger and WIX are a few examples)
  • Choose your niche (lifestyle, food, beauty, fashion?)
  • Choose a fitting name for your blog (This might take a while, I felt that my name was rather fitting and too good an opportunity to pass by ahah! )
  • Design your webpage and write and launch your first blog! (Eeek exciting)
  • Post your first blog on social media and share it with literally everyone!

I am looking forward to seeing the changes I bring to this blog over the next year!

I really hope that you are enjoying my content! I have a lot more to bring to my blog this year! I would really love if you could share my website link and follow my social pages which you can see up at the top of the page! (Also please don’t be shy it be great to hear your comments on my posts)

There is a box further up the page where you can (follow). This will allow you to insert your email address so that my latest blog goes straight into your inbox and you never miss what Chlo Jack On Her Mac has to say!

Lets kick this blogger journey up a notch 😛

Until next time!! 😉

Thats all from..

Chlo Jack!




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