Easter Cupcakes…🐣🧁

Easter is fast approaching ! It’s the first public “celebration” of the year that we all eat chocolate 🍫 The price of Easter eggs are unbelievable!!! (Said by a true Aberdonian)! I was watching “This Morning”, on Sunday and they were giving a run through of all the Easter Eggs you could purchase for your loved ones πŸ™„… Well my goodness some of the prices were unbelievable.. the first one started off at Β£12 and I almost fell off my chair (I thought it couldn’t get any worse.. well I am afraid it did get worse…! They eventually got to the very last egg – which was an astonishing, 80 quid !!! 80 quid?!? Who pays 80 quid for a hollow chocolate egg 😳πŸ₯΅

Well you don’t have to go to that extreme and spend a lot of money! Especially not the equivalent of a months budget for a family food shopping! Why not bake your own Easter Cupcakes ! It’s is an inexpensive and effective way to celebrate Easter and you can still enjoy the chocolate treats- but this allows you to have a little fun in the process!

Easter Cupcakes 🧁

From a really young age I have enjoyed baking and sugar crafting (making little decorations with icing).. in fact at one point during my school years I ran a small sugar craft class at lunch time and taught the pupils. This was many moons ago, I think I have lost my edge since then and could be doing with a little practice 🀣 It’s a very fiddly activity and you need to have a lot of patience, time and attention to detail to do well!

Anyways it was good fun! It got the creative juices flowing and was good relaxation!

Simnel Cake 🍰

My mum also baked a traditional Easter cake which is known as the Simnel cake. This is traditionally decorated with 11 mini balls of marzipan as a symbol of the 11 apostles of Jesus Christ, minus Judas. Instead of marzipan balls she used Cadbury mini eggs because that’s yummier! 🀭 Our cake is a rich and sweet fruit cake covered with marzipan and white icing. If you fancy the recipe please comment below and I’ll post the it up!

Reality VS Instagram Glam

I have honed in on some really cracking shots of my Cupcakes (pun not intended πŸ€­πŸ˜‚) 🧁 which with the right filter gave you a snap shot of perfection/ glam, but in reality this is what the kitchen looked like…

a “bloddy mess” is what my mother would say! While baking she said “Chloe I am sure you were a less messy baker when you were 5 years old ! πŸ˜‚πŸ€£ Well what can I say- “I was certainly enjoying myself in the moment and honing in on my inner child.” Get messy with icing sugar and chocolate 🍫 it’s fun πŸ˜…- until you have to clear it all up!

What do you need for your Easter Cupcakes? 🧁

🧁A Bettie Crockers vanilla cake kit

( Can be purchased at most supermarkets)

🧁(Vegetable oil, 3 medium eggs πŸ₯š, water )

🧁 Icing sugar

🧁 Chocolate frosting

🧁Mini Marshmallows

🧁 If you have icing cutters maybe some roll out icing..

🧁 Cadbury Mini Eggs πŸ˜‹

🧁 A Cadbury flake of your flush

🧁 Sprinkles (Sprinkles are the BEST!!)

That’s all, oh and an bowl, spatula and an oven! πŸ‘©πŸΌβ€πŸ³

All this for under a tenner and the price of having fun 🀣

Put a spring in your step and enjoy baking !!! 🧁

That’s all for now!

Happy Easter 🐣

Lots of Love from

Chlo Jack


“A lifestyle blog written by a scottish Lassie!”

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