🎶 Jess Glynn, Nina Nestbitt and CHARLOTTE: @MontroseLinks! 🎧

Another epic concert ticked off the bucket list at outdoor venue: Montrose Links! 🤩

On Friday 24th August I had the pleasure of experiencing the talent of 3 artists: Jess Glynn, Nina Nesbit and CHARLOTTE. All amazing!!


Montrose links has great parking and catering facilitates and it was pretty spacious. I was lucky to be in the Gold Circle right at the front! Well worth the money!

It was great to have this talent just 15 minutes down the road from my home! Normally I would have to travel a lot further to see such high profile musicians. Thank you all for coming to Montrose!


CHARLOTTE was first up on the Montrose Links stage! I had never heard of Charlotte before so it was really refreshing to hear some new choons! Her voice was incredible! Full of soul! She has such talent! I don’t know how she isn’t famous already! If you haven’t listened to her music already then I totally recommend that you get onto Spotify now and take a listen! She realised her first EP “Nowhere to hide” in June. Charlote can be found at iamcharl0tte .

Check out a snippet of some of Charlotte’s Music!


Nina Nesbitt a Scottish Girl at heart: She is from Livingston! I have been listening to Nina’s music since her first EP “Apple Tree” which was realised in 2012. Her music takes me back to the good old college days ❤ I love her song Babylon from her EP “Live Take“! Her music has really developed since she first started out. Her voice and song writing is epic! She sang a number of her new hits in Montrose and an 90’s R n B choon. She was great fun! Take a listen to some of the videos I captured.

Video snippet of Nina Nesbitt!


Jess Glynn was outstanding! Her performance started of very intriguing and exciting. The music started playing with only her bright fluorescent logo glowing in the dark, and her band on Que ready to rock out, and then POW she came flying in with full voice! It was brilliant! She sang a number of big hits! My favourite song was “Never Let Me Go” and “Rather Be” IN FACT I LOVED IT ALLLLLL! Tears ahoy! Jess’s band and back up signers were also great too! In fact it be great to have them in our Got Soul Choir ! 😛

She encouraged us before signing a few of her songs to think about certain things in life. she made a particularly reflective speech which rectified that we SHOULD be taking the time to think about the impact that the Amazon Rain Forest Fire is having on our planet. 🌍 She was quiet right in saying so to! People go about their lives with no thought to it, but you know it is a very serious situation! There is a number of wildlife and trees that are being destroyed as a result of this disaster. Firemen and woman are risking their lives to put the fire out! Also this Rain Forest provides 20 % of the oxygen we breath! Now do you see how important it is! Please take time to learn about how this Rain Forest is affecting our planet by clicking on this short newspaper report. It really really breaks my hear and I feel powerless!

A lot of us feel powerless in helping fix this! WWF have listed 5 ways that we can support the Amazon Rain forest! Click her to view.

Video Snippet of Jess Glynn below ❤

I LOVED THIS CONCERT and Jess Glynn’s positive attitude – It was just a shame that there were a few party crushers in the crowd! That is the only thing I dislike about concerts. Please take thought and have respect for the people around you when your at a concert! They have paid their money to see the show just as much as you have, and for many it’s is a once in a life time experience- please don’t take that away from people. Of course we should all have fun- but please don’t be a disturbance!

Apart from some disturbance on the night it was an absolutely epic night with my fam! I wish my voice was good as these 3 babes!

I really hope you have enjoyed this blog! Thank you for reading!

Lots Of Love From

Chlo Jack


“A life Style Blog written by a Scottish Lassie”

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