2020, The Year of Empowerment…

Chlo Jack Photography!

Why hello there! Lonnnngg time no speak! It has been a rather full on few months since my last post; which was just before Christmas believe it or not! I thought I should get a post out before the first month of 2020 was over! It’s great to be back!

We may be coming to the end of January, but it I am pretty sure it is still acceptable to wish you all well for this epic new new year, and new decade! I have decided this year is going to be a really productive one, after all I will be turning 25 years old next month!! Eeeek! (I am half way to 50!!!)

I have a few exciting challenges planned for myself this year which are aimed to 1, make a difference to others, and 2, to broaden my horizons… Making a difference to others is an extremely important part of who I am, I would consider it my life ethos tbh… 🙂 I am looking forward to sharing my achievements and adventures with you this year! 🙂

Just for some fun: I have shared my 2020 Horoscope reading!

Aquarius loathes the word “conservative.” You’re a progressive rebel who craves independence and is going to change the world

aquarius horoscope 2020

Ooooo, we shall see how 2020 pans out and if this horoscope has any truth in it..! Can’t say I have ever looked at my horoscope before…

What will your progress plans be for 2020? Why not find out what your Horoscope is for some fun… click here.

It is a relatively short one from me this time, but keep your eyes peeled for some progress over 2020…

Be back soon!

Lots of love from

Chlo Jack


“A Lifestyle Blog Written by a Scottish Lassie…

Here’s to the year 2020!

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