2020 UK "Lockdown": Please Stay at Home!

What a year!

The actions that have been enforced to keep safe.

•Lockdowns in several country’s

•The nation setting up work stations at home..

•NHS working into the ground to care for people! (Retired nursing staff employed into hospital wards!)

•Event cancellations (Big and small) concerts, walking and running events, sports, weddings, baptisms; you name it it’s cancelled!

•Flights cancelations (Although not enough in my opinion!) Save the holidays for next year!

•School, University and College closures

✦ Parents are home Schooling their children

•School Exams Canceled!!! We have never seen this ever in history!

•Social isolation/ Social distancing measures (2m)

•We must wash our hands more regularly (Please make sure you are using moisturiser!)

•Every shop, hotel, restaurant, gym, place of worship, non essential place known by man is closed!

• Job loss, redundancy and a Mega Economic Crisis that will no doubt be an ongoing issue after this is all over!

• Doctor appointments only led by telephone call or video call.

•Panic buying and greed! (Particularly toilet roll, pasta and baby formula!!)

*Wearing masks is compulsory in shops and buildings where you are in close proximity!

*It was enforced on 23rd March 2020 that we must not leave our homes unless absolutely necessary this meaning only:*

1. To buy food or medicine

2.If you are going for 1 walk/run alone to exercise and if you come across people you must social distancing 2m apart (I reckon we can exercise without leaving our home!). Stick yer heed out the window for fresh air do some star jumps in the living room and lift a few tins of spaghetti! All the bash! 😛

3. To Travel to work if absolutely necessary. (Meaning only do so if it is a job that you are absolutely unable to do at home). Employers should encourage remote working at all costs!!!! Protect your workers and the NHS workforce! They are struggling as it is!

*Wash your hands as soon as you return home!!!*

How YOU can help the world get over this Pandemic!

STAY AT HOME!!!!!!!!!!

This is a great illustration which demonstrates that by taking your self out the equation ( i.e. staying at home) you are removing the risk of the spread of the virus! If we all do this look what we could achieve! Hopefully a flat curve in the number of cases of Covid-19. STAY AT HOME!

✦Stay at home; social distance yourself from people external to your home.

✦Self isolate for 14 days away from the outside world and your family if you have any symptoms of Covid-19 . (Fever or dry cough). All of your family must do this 14 day isolation too!

✦Stop the panic buying.

✦Look after your employee’s health and well being! This is not easy for anyone, we ALL must work together to make this nightmare go away! Don’t force employees to go into work to do something that they could do from the safety of their own home, because by forcing this upon people you are essentially putting their lives and those of others at risk and adding to the strain of NHS workers. Be kind and sensible and help reduce the spread of COVID-19!!!!

Keep clean– Wash your hands regularly particularly when you return from the shops, and before you eat or drink. Do not touch anything if your hands are no clean. This virus is sticking to things and can live on a surface for a long time. Change your clothes if you have been out. Wipe your phone down if you have been out in public with it.

✦Stop abusing shop workers! They are just as much front line workers as hospitals! They are doing their best to stock the shelves and provide food for everyone! Fuel which is needed to look after one another. I have heard stories that far too many people are shouting and screaming at shop assistants. It is not on!! STOP IT!! Be kind!

✦Stay away from elderly people as much as you can. If you are bringing shopping to your grandparents or to those who are considered as a high risk (who have an underlying health condition) leave the shopping outside their door! Protect yer granny and grandpa! 🙂

✦ Use your common sense!!!!

Managing Self Isolation!

You may feel bored and helpless just staying at home; but I fact it is the biggest support to reducing the growth of this nightmare! By illuminating the risk of transmitting the virus you are playing a huge part in reducing the growth of the virus. Stay at home!!!

+Be thankful if you are fit and well today. Many people right now would take boredom at home over being critically ill with COVID-19 and connected to a life support unit!

Why is Staying at home so important?

Staying at home unless vitally necessary is so important because The NHS are seriously running dry of hospital beds, staff and life support units; not only for Covid-19 sufferers but for other health emergencies. Pleaseeeee STAY AT HOME! It will save lives!


This virus is more contagious and dangerous than a flu.

Yes many sufferers have underlying health conditions, but you can still be carrying the virus with no symptoms at all and have the ability of transmitting the virus to others. STAY AT HOME!!!

Follow the measures that the government are setting. They are setting these measures for reason so please don’t ignore it! Do as your told!! This is not for fun, this is for everyone’s benefit including yours! You need to understand that the quicker you obey the rules the quicker this nightmare can calm down and we can get back to “normal”. So let’s work together to fight back at COVID-19! STAY AT HOME !!!

What are the nuggets of positivity in this Pandemic?

There has been a lot of misery from this pandemic, however there is always a silver lining…

  1. There is a lot of kindness and thoughtful people looking out for others who are more vulnerable.
  2. Theres various virtual challenges and videos to get involved with..
  3. Facebook is full of musical joy. A lot of music artists have taken to putting on little live performances to keep us all going! Thank you!!!
  4. There is the odd humorous video posted to put a smile on peoples face!
  5. Many businesses have supported the NHS workers in any way that they can..
  6. This is a time to step back and spend with family.
  7. The earth is not as polluted with there being less transport and fossil fuels burning
  8. Innovation, creativity and evidence of some working together..
  9. Digital technology is your friend use it! Facetime, make calls, message people you love.

The list goes on! We need to work together to get through this pandemic! One day it will all be over with, let’s look back and say we did it and we did the best we could to save lives! We stayed at home!!!!

Take care, stay safe and STAY AT HOME!!

Lots of love from

Chlo Jack!


“A lifestyle blog written by a Scottish Lassie”

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