I am a Neurodivergent Student Nurse.

Hello hello!

Happy New Year to you all! 2023 wow! To think my blog is 5 year old this month! Thank you for still reading my posts!

2022 was a toughy because I lost my beloved Star and Carina quite close together 🐾 and with this they took with them a little- a lot part of me. The were my world and still are to be honest. 🌍

I thought long and hard about this blog post which isn’t a surprise given the nature of it… 🤣🫣 To some this may not come of a surprise, but for some it might.

I have always known I was neurodivergent growing up having been diagnosed with dyslexia, dyscalculia and dyspraxic from a young age (more about this later), but at 27 I have also recently learnt, (at the end of 2022) I am an individual who is also ADHD. 🧡🧠 It is sad to think that it took the loss of my beloved pups in 2022 to explore the idea that I might fit this bill. (My pups certainly are the gift that has kept on giving to me and I miss them incredibly 🥺💔😓 )

This diagnosis has answered so many unanswered questions about myself. I have shared this in the hope that this also offers insight to my friends, family and those who know me. Being different has come with a long list of challenging experiences of being misunderstood, misconceived and underestimated by others and I know that many other neurodivergent individuals (thus including other neurodivergent student nurses) have experienced the same stigma in the world which is quite frankly not on, particularly in this day and age. It is with this in mind that I intend to do my bit to work towards informing some change to these misconceptions of neurodivergent individuals, because by goodness we have so much to offer the world! 🤩😝😜Neurodiversity has never stopped me, and never will.

Project Neurodiversity is my next mission: From here on in I will be talking more about what this neurodiversity means for me, and for others. (I am good at taking a lot it is a ADHD trait lol). I have some creative ideas in the pipe line which I am really excited about. I hope you will join me on my neruodiversity journey whether you are neurodivergent yourself, or neurotypical, everyone is welcome. (Disclosure: expect some likely blond (neurodiverse) moments… 😂

I will stick to my word following my speech on the podium at my first RCN congress.

If you don’t know a lot about ADHD as a starter for six I recommend you listen to “ADHD As Females podcast”. It is very good and so down to earth, it’s real.

As always my folks have been my rocks and I can’t thank them enough. ♥️

Keep your eyes peeled for my latests posts…

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