About Me


Hey there !

I’m Chloe Jackson, I am a twenty three year old, recent  graduate in International Hospitality Management and current Post Graduate Digital Marketing student at Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen and I’m from that place that’s most famous for giving you the experience of all 4 seasons in one day .. the one and only, bonnie Scotland.

First of all, I would like to warmly welcome you to my blog “Chlo Jack on her Mac” and confirm yes my nickname is Chlo Jack (hi there) and yes I am writing my blog on my apple Macbook… (Cheesy right?)
Well that just about sums me up! I’m full of cheese! I’m soft and sentimental , I have a cheesy smile and anyone that knows me, knows that I am ‘the’ no 1 cheeseacholic based on the fact that I have an abundance of love for all foods cheese! Because let’s face it cheese is just .. GRATE! (cheesy puns over now).

I would consider myself as a foodie, (a lover of all food), a crafter (a person who enjoys making creative crafty things ) an entrepreneur (a person who plans and dreams about potential business ideas becoming a reality) and a fundraiser (a person who enjoys organising events to raising funds for worthy charites).

One other really important fact about me is that I am a serious dog lover and I own 3 gorgeous pooches, whom I would love to tell you more about.

I have begun Chlo Jack on Her Mac this year as a new project for many different reasons: 1, to enhance my knowledge in the world of blogging , (which I hope will benefit me in my future career in Digital Marketing)  2, I have a lot to say to the world and 3, I just want to get out there and have fun and write about it.

I plan to put a lot of time into my blog and write about topics that I hope will interest you and that you can relate to .

Thank you for taking the time to read my ‘about me’ page. I hope you will join me on my blogging adventure .

Lots of love from
Chlo x

P.S thats me down there 🙂 Hi! x