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Hey There!

Wondering what Chlo Jack is all about?!

I am twenty eight years old. I am a stage 3 Adult Student nurse and a graduate with a BA (Hon’s) in International Hospitality Management and an MSc in Digital Marketing. I am originally from bonnie Scotland and live beside the north sea. (Hence the tag line: A Lifestyle blog written by a Scottish Lassie!”). I am a neurodivergent individual and champion this in others who are too. 

Before we go on, I would like to warmly welcome you to my blog Chlo Jack on Her Mac and confirm, yes my nickname is Chlo Jack (hi there) and yes I am writing my blog from my Apple Macbook… (Just a little bit cheesy, right?)

Well that just about sums me up! I’m full of cheese! I’m soft and sentimental and often complimented for my big cheesy smile! 🙂 I am a foodie, (a lover of all foods, both home cooking and wining and dining), a crafter (I enjoy making crafty little things), and an active fundraiser (I enjoy organising events to raising funds various charities.) There is always a project on the go! I like to keep busy! I have a real passion for music and previously enjoyed being part of Scotlands No 1 Soul choir! Got Soul and I love speaking to nursing professionals on my nursing podcast. 

My favourite animals are elephants, dogs and any sea creature! My favourite landscape is The seaside/beach or on water, (preferably by boat or paddle board). My favourite colour is teal, aquamarine and turquoise. I love VW campervans (especially the blue ones). 🙂

My Staffordshire Bull Terriers are my world, and you can meet them in my blog! ❤ Sadly since writing this my 2 gorgeous girls have now flown to the rainbow bridge, leaving me with just my beautiful boy pupper.

I started Chlo Jack on Her Mac in January 2018. It initially started out as a project to develop my skills during my Digital Marketing course, but now my blog is something that I couldn’t live with out! I love writing, and Chlo Jack has always got a lot to share with the world! My blogs consist of a variety of lifestyle topics, recipes and more recently an account of my nursing journey.

So, welcome to my little corner of the Internet. Thank you for taking time to read all the way down to this point of my ‘about me’ page. I really hope that you will stick around to see what news I have to share with you and join me on my blogging adventure!

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Lots of love from

Chlo Jack


P.S that is me down there 🙂 Hi! x


A lifestyle blog written by a Scottish lassie 😉 “