Lets get to know each other !

Helloooo its Chlo ! ūüôā

Thank you for checking out ‘ChloJackonherMac’ and welcome to the start of my blogging adventure !

What better time to start a blog than at the very beginning of a New Year, right?

Happy New Year ! I hope that you are enjoying the start of your New Year. Does anyone have that “New Year, New Me” motivation this year? I can’t say that I have a, ‘lets change’ frame of mind, but I do have a frame of mind that says; “lets feel more energetic, obtain positive vibes and throw in a few worthwhile challenges this year…

new year image 1

Let me know what your New Year vibes are for 2018?!?

chlo postive vibes

Sooo, lets get to know each other shall we? As ‘ChloJackonHerMac’ is a new journey I thought it was appropriate to select a few of the road trip questions at random¬†to get to know each other … are you ready for the ride?!

Play along too if you like. I would love to here your answers and get to know you ! Just put the number of the question and then your answer in the comments box.

teh purpose raod trip

Q1. If I could travel anywhere in the world it would be The sunny California orrrr Sydney Australia! (spoken with an Australian accent, of course).


Q11.¬† I would have to say my proudest moment to date would have to be, being awarded my degree at my graduation just last year at His Majesty’s Theatre. Just throwing my hat up in the air like Mia did in ‘Princess Diaries’ was a highlight!

Every graduates worst nightmare is falling over on stage and thankfully this didnt happen to me! (phew) graduation chlo

Q 3. Three movies that I couldn’t live without would have to be: Princess Diaries, (they need to get the 3rd one out already, they have been saying that its coming out for what feels like absolute centuries, argh!) Legally Blonde, it never gets old (bend and snap!) and last but not least, proud to be Scottish film; Sunshine on Leith (I swear I know like every line, and every word to each of the songs) its just such a feel good film.


Q4. Best meal that I have ever eaten? (I literally cannot just name just 1)! I LOVE ALL FOOD !¬† Food is literally life ! Dunno about you, but my mum makes the most amazing home cooking!¬† Its just so wholesome and delicious ! But if you find yourself cooking dinner for me, any meal made with cheese will¬† guarantee you a place in the ‘Best Chef Award’ because I’m the worlds no 1 cheeseacholic!


Q17. I would have to say that Ellie Goulding and Ed Sheeran are my 2 music idols and so the two songs that I could listen to non stop would have to be, ELLIE babes song,¬†‘Army’¬†simply because it allows me to reflect upon all the amazing times that I have spent with my best friend Hev, (whom I met in college). We went to see Ellie live in 2016, it was just the best experience ever.¬† The second song choice would have to be Ed Sheeran’s “Thinking out loud”. I feel all warm and fuzzy when listening to this song. It is a song that I have seen so many couples do their first dance to on their wedding day (having worked in the hospitality and events industry) and it just fills me with love and warmth. I hope that this song is the song I do my first dance on my wedding day. To be honest I love all of Ed Sheeran’s songs, but I do have a selected few which are special to me, which I will tell you all about soon.¬† (I saw him live in June 2018)! It was everything I ever dreamed of it being. I was originally meant to go with my ex to see this performance, but I went with one of my best friends Ashling. ‚̧

Hev Mac and Chlo Jack

Which songs bring back thousands of memories for you?


Q30. Lets face it, non of us can live without technology for even a second without picking up a phone when you have just that second put it down. The technology that I could not live without would have to be my MacBook. Without my Macbook I wouldn’t be able to write ChloJackonher-MAC (surprise surprise!) or do my Uni work (shreek).


29. Book or magazine ? Everyone loves a good book, don’t they? Only in the last few months have I become a REAL book worm. I wasn’t so engrossed with reading until I found an author that I could really connect with. I can gladly say that I found ; Sophie Kinsella’s ‘My not so perfect life’ which is now my favourite book and my favourite author. This book is so glamorous and has a real modern vibe to it. Give it a read and let me know what you think.

my not so perfect life

I hope that you have enjoyed my first blog and you will stick around for my upcoming topic blogs ! Until then, au revoir nouvel ami! . xxx




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