Growing My Locks For The Little Princess Trust…<3

I thought it was a suited time to share this story with you just now of all times as the hairdressers are beginning to open up again…

So while many people are rushing to the hairdressers to get their post lockdown hair chop I am one of very few who is not.. You may be surprised because in normal circumstances I would be in desperate need of getting my hair cut after waiting all this time, but here is why I am not rushing….

Since the start of this year I have been growing my hair with the aim to grow it so that it is long enough to donate to the Little Princess Trust where it can be made into a wing and given to a child or young person who has lost their hair due to the effects of cancer treatment.

So it hasn’t been a real issue for me that the hairdressers have been closed… 🙂

This was the length of my hair at my last hair cut in January before I started growing it for the cause…

No description available.

This is it now! It will be needing the ends trimmed to keep it healthy and growing though! There is some really strict guidance for the hair donations which you can see below…

No description available.

So I am hoping that I will be long enough to donate by Christmas 🙂 It’s to be a minimum of 17 cm . I am hoping I can donate a little bit more. I also need to take into consideration the length of my hair once it’s been cut for the wig and I would prefer to have shoulder length after the wig hair is chopped off. 🙂

What Little princess trust do..

Although fitting real hair wigs to cancer patients is the main cause of the charity they also fund research into paediatric cancer. You can learn more about what they do by clicking here.

What are the guidelines for growing your hair to send?

You can learn more about the guidelines here.

The Curl Chart

I am probably about 2B on the curl chart. What are you?

I feel so honoured to have the opportunity to provide a young person with something that a lot of us take for granted! After all having hair is an important part of our wellbeing and identity. ❤

So how do you fancy jumping on this band wagon too? Click here to find out more!

Or you can support the cause by donating via my just giving page 🙂

Just click here to make a donation! Any amount is greatly appreciated. ❤

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