Chlo Jacks BRAND NEW Nursing Journey Podcast- Coming Soon!

Hello Hello!

I am really excited to be starting my first ever podcast! This podcast offers inspiration and new learning to nursing students and newly registered nurses about the experiences, potential routes, and progressions of current nursing professionals. I am really looking forward to learning from a variety of nursing professionals about a whole range of nursing related topics that will help me along on my nursing journey and that of my fellow nursing community 🙂

In my first episode I will be joined by guest speaker Professor Susan Dawkes- The Head of the School of Nursing Midwifery and Paramedic Practice at Robert Gordon University. Susan specialises in Cardiology and Cardiac Rehabilitation! I am really looking forward to learning about Susan’s journey and her insight into how students can be successful in their nursing journey!

Expect an episode on the last Monday of every month! Tune in for the first episode being released on the 29th of March at 9am! I hope you will join me!

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