Spiritual Care and its importance…

Hello everyone!

In the short time I have spent within my nursing studies I have come to see that spiritual care is a hugely important part in a persons overall care. I approached Gillian Douglas: Lead Chaplain for Mental Health & Learning Disabilities at NHS Grampian to ask if she would share her knowledge of Spiritual Care to gain a fuller understanding of what spiritual care is about and why it is important. As Gillian will explain in her video Spiritual care is not only about someones religious beliefs (which it is vey commonly perceived as) but it is a huge part of person centred care and understanding and recognising what is important to someone, and it can be pertinent to someones recovery while receiving care.

I am going to pass you over to Gillian now, in her little video to go into more detail!

I hope you enjoyed this little audio clip and have learnt something new to take away into your nursing career.

Thank you Gillian for your time to share your knowledge about spiritual care!

Thats all for now folks! Keep on Learning! 🙂

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