Stage 3 Nursing Module


This was a very interesting module! It is hard to believe this is my very last nursing module!

In this module we covered all things adult nursing. This included adult complexities such as: stroke, diabetes, sepsis, chronic kidney disease, dementia, breast cancer, epilepsy oxygen therapy, tracheostomy care, antimicrobial stewardship and DNACP and anticipatory care planning.

We learnt about safe prescribing and it’s importance as there is an NMC requirement student nurses must learn about prescribing before qualifying. (The Royal pharmaceutical society framework was our bible.) We looked at the management of safely discharging patients, SBAR, the involvement and roles of the multiagency team and the assessment of patients. We dived into leadership and it’s importance in health care. I loved the “Be a leader in nursing book“. I really enjoyed the leadership learning it was one of my favorite aspects of the module.

There was so much great learning!


Our assessment was made up of an OSCE which was the first time our year had every done one of these, and an essay.

The essay focused on the safe application of prescribing medicines and the collective involvement of the multiagency team (MAT) associated with the assessment and care of a fictional patient. I enjoyed pulling the learning into this essay. It was the first time we have written an essay for this module.

The OSCE was focused around demonstrating the safe application of the ABCDE assessment. The process will be forever etched on my brain! I have included a video that I found really helpful. It contains more detail than is required for the actual exam, but it defiantly gave me the idea of what I should be doing. I practiced and practiced the steps.

I think James was fed up playing the simulation patient and hearing the script on a loop! 😂 On the day of the exam we were given a random case study to apply the ABCDE assessment too. It was a pretty nerve racking experience being watched and filmed. I was most pleased when it was over! 🤣 I did the best I could. I was defiantly pleased when it was over.

OSCE Advice

✨Practice, practice practice!

✨Be prepared the night before

✨Take a deep breath before starting

✨ Try not to panic

✨Keep calm and carry on if you make a blip

We had an opportunity to practice our OSCE in the skills labs which really helped. We also had skills session in tracheostomy care and IPA (Inspection, percussion and auscultation). Both great skills to practice! We also had some case study scenarios to work through using our ABCDE assessment and the manikins. I really like the ABCDE assessment, it is not only a useful skill in practice for assessing all patients but it is also a great skills to have in the event of emergency situation in the community.

This was cool we were able to listen and work out the different chest noises on these little pads with the stethoscope.

Closing comments

Overall a very intersting module! Thank you to the module team for your work to deliver this module! 🙂

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