Living My Best Life: Hungry for Jessie’s Kitchen!

Heyyy there !

Often when Ashleigh and I meet for luncheon we head over to Broughty Ferry, which if your not from Scotland I will explain is a beautiful little town 15 minutes from the city of Dundee.


Broughty Ferry is full of lovely little shops and places to wine, dine and eat Icecream! (Mhmmm sounds yummy right!) In fact Ash and I had a little visit to the most popular authentic Italian ice cream parlour in the area when we were over there few weeks ago..

I have been going to this ice cream parlour since I was a little girl.. (funny story, every time I went to Visocchi’s with my grandparents, my grandad would drop his ice cream cone on the pavement! Haha!) Ashleigh and I savoured our ice creams when we were over a couple weeks ago.. From a wide selection of ice creams I chose the Lindt Chocolate flavour and Ash chose Strawberry 🙂 It was just too good to drop ! Haha!

Visocchi’s not only serves delicious ice cream, but they have a full Italian lunch menu. The shop is an award winning family owned and run business, and has been known and loved since 1954! Jee that’s a very long time isn’t it!?  All of the ice cream recipes are traditionally created by the family. This is a true Italian Ice cream parlour that’s for sure, and its right here in Scotland!!! So worth a visit 😉 Us Scott’s will dive into a tasty ice cream no matter what the weather is!

Broughty Ferry also has a castle museum which you can learn about some of Scotlands history and also quite a cracking view of the water and the Tay Bridge from the side! (My fave)! Defiantly worth a visit if you are visiting Bonnie Scotland!

Anyways one of Ashleigh and I’s favourite places to eat in “the Ferry” as we locals call it is Jessie’s kitchen..

Come on inside where it’s cosy and I will tell you about it… ❤

come inside


A surprisingly hefty size (which you wouldn’t expect looking at it from the outside). It is an old fashion, but retro style cafe with a modern twist too it. (It is quite girly looking inside! Very pink)! Never mind “on Wednesdays I wear pink” on everyday these waiters 😉 and waitresses wear pink!!” I think thats why Ash and I click with this place not only because we have high ratings on every aspect of it which you will see as I go on with this blog, but its so pink and pretty haha!)

pink to make the boys wink
“Pink to make the boys wink” 😉

old fashion

It has a lot of old style hip memorabilia and furniture, like this music turn table ! I love this ❤

turn table

Another thing I absolutely love about this place is all the funky quotes printed on the walls!

these are the good old days
“These are the good old days!”
well behaved woman
“Well Behaved Woman Rarely Make History” So true!

bike ride


They often have a board with specials on it as well as their full menu! OMG there is so many dishes to choose from and they are so good at catering for different dietary requirements as well! Ashleigh and I always say we will try something new when we go there but we never do because what we know we like! I think the next time we go I will strive and challenge myself to choose something different from the menu, that know I will enjoy!


Food and Cake 😛


I chose an egg sandwhich on brown 😉 with a mug of homemade Tomato and Basil soup, which was served with a side salad and homemade slaw and crisps ! (I didn’t eat many crips) This is such a filling lunch time meal! Not so adventurous, but it is so tasty and wholesome!

Ash chose the pull pork baguette with salad crips and homemade slaw! (Very flavoursome).

Everything is freshly made to order and I cant fault the flavour, quantity and quality that is served! Just great! 🙂

Their cakes.. OMG! Don’t they look amazing ((Heart eye emoji))!!!

You should follow them on Instagram to see their amazing cake photos that they post on there! Not even kidding you some of them look TOO good to eat ! A very talented baker whoever it is that makes these cakes! To follow the cafes Instaaa click here ❤ I can’t say that I have tasted one because I have been trying to be good, but I may have to try one some time soon, (a fruit one) or even just a little bit of one (hehe)! They look really dense and moorish though! Please tell me what they are like if you have tried one of these masterpieces!! Haha!



The price is reasonable for the quality and quality that you receive..

I was £10 odd for my meal and a glass of OJ!

The meal I had was a deal. I chose a sandwich which comes with salad and crisps and then added a cup of homemade soup with it..

But there is literally loads of dishes to choose from and there is something for everyone!

The dishes vary in price depending on what you choose ! But reasonable cafe prices!

Staff and Service

The staff are all very pleasant and attentive! It is often very busy in the cafe, but the staff do well to attend to each and every one of their customers ! They are also very knowledgeable about the dishes on the menu and the origin of the produce ! No faults here!

Seat availability


As I said before they are more than often queued out the door because it’s pretty popular! We have managed to get a seat 2/3 times that we have gone to have lunch there so you don’t need to book, but in the height of summer we only just got a seat! They have 2/3 seating areas for diners, but get in their quick to get a space! It’s essentially like a big house inside. it’s really cool!

What else?

They have a gift shop with loads of cute little quirky things! 

quriky things

We loved the flamingo pens ! (There on the top left)


They also have a garden centre area where you can purchase plants and trees.. I bought some small lavender pots for my parents garden, as we grow raspberries and often lavender helps with the pollination of the raspberries! It smells amazing too !!!

After a yummy lunch at Jessie’s kitchen a bit of adventuring in Broughty Ferry seemed like a good idea..

The Beach life

I just love that water view ❤

ash on the beach
We love the beach vibes! Ft Ashling!

I love the beach.. it’s my favourite place to be 🙂

love the beach
So much freedom!! I got a bit of sea paddling done as well- despite the cold! A true hardy Scott!! #Livingmybestlife

I soak up the freedom and the sea breeze on a beach!

chlo on beach
The beach is just so calming and refreshing ❤ I can reflect, re-charge and relax..
“The ocean is everything I want to be.. beautiful mysterious, wild and free” ❤ 
chlo pose
Taking it all in.. 

We got a bit of daisy chain making in as well.. it was just so pleasant to just chill out! 

“Too be or not to be”…”A daisy does not pretend to be a Rose – Be true to yourself!” ❤ 

Embrace life, eat food, travel to new and old places, spend time with friends, just LIVE!

Live your best life ❤

Love always from 




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