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Tapas with Taye Dawg: Gallery 48

Hola, Todo el Mundo ! (Hello everyone in Spanish ) 🙂

I started writing this blog a while ago so ama finish it so you can her all about it…  its a wee spanish foodie experience I had with Taye Dawg back in Febuary…

Mate Date 10/10

I had been given a voucher as a couples gift at Christmas time before the break up :(… As I am not in a couple now I took Taye Dawg as my mate date for the afternoon and it was a pleasant afternoon.. filled with; Spanish tapas, fruity rose and girly yarns and there was a pleasant warm sun shining through the window seat that we were sat at, which made the Spanish experience more so like we were in Spain 🙂 Haha!

(We could only dream!) 😛

chlo an tayes.jpg
Speckys 😛

The restaurant

The restaurant we were at is called Gallery 48 and your welcome to check out there website by clicking on the link above ^^^ I have directed you straight to their menu but you can explore their webpage too. So the restaurant is situated in the Westport of Dundee and I really love that area of Dundee ❤ I have had a lot of happy memories around that area which I cherish and I will share with you all at a later date. 🙂

GA;;ERY 48Rating 0-10  (10 being the best)


Atmosphere and Decor 8/10

I would say that it has a chill, but classy vibe to it. They play the latests music hits which was pretty cool.. might have been nice to hear a wee Spanish choon.. but Despacito was the nearest to Spanish music we got haha! The decor is fairly neutral but they have jazzed it up with funky lights and added a bit of colour to the tables with the flowers. I think that it was just the right decor for this type of restaurant tbh, neutral is inviting because it says FRESH YAH!

Eating out …

So whenever I go out for food I find that I am always highly critically, not because my Undergraduate Degree is in Hospitality Management and because I have tasted some food cooked by 5 star chefs, in 5 star restaurants during my time working in the Hospitality Industry.. No a better reason than that … its simply because I am just so darn lucky and used to my mammys phenomenal and nutritious home cooking ! Like there is literally no where on this earth that could top the overall rating I give my mums cooking .. its the BESTEST EVER !!! (but we will get to that delight another day 😉 ) Anyways my foodie critical head and hospitality knowledge kicked in on this experience so heres goes.. (Might I add this was well before my health kick 😛 Good job!! haha!)

The Food ! 8/10

So from the Itison voucher I was given we were aloud to pick 4 dishes from a full menu which was more than enough food to fill us both up and we were given a complementary Pan con Tomate to start with as well. We wanted to try new foods and fill our bellies because “YOLO” came to mind.. Live to eat guys ! FOOD IS LIFE !


Pan con Tomate’

The Pan Con Tomate was not what I had envisioned it to be. I think I was expecting it to be a Tomato Consommé *laugh (but now that I think about this, “Pan”?, thats bread Chlo!)  (I’m a silly goose, whoops!) Anyways the Pan con Tomate was delicious ! The Tomate was fresh tomato and garlic spread across a white flat bread which was an excellent start to the food experience.

[an con tomate

I was very blessed to invite Taylor to this foodie experience because she appreciates food the same as I do. She isn’t fussy either which is my kinda person !

The Main Board


The main board consisted of:

Albondigas en salsa in traditional Spanish sauce (it was like meatballs in sauce). It was tasty, wasn’t too spicy either, it had grain through it so it had a lil bit of a crunch to it too which was unusual! 🙂 (Thats the dish at the back in the white bowl that we hadn’t tucked into yet..) Photos first then eat haha !

Bunelos de bacalao with house alioli, (this was essentially cod fritters) the batter was so light and didn’t leave a greasy pallet like some fried fish does.. It was served with a chive mayo (classy) but tasty! This was my favourite dish cause it’s FISH and fish is my fave. 🙂 I would far rather choose fish over meat any day! What would you choose ? (That’s the dish at the front on the white plate..which was nearest my hand.. ready to get tucked into it.

Embutidos y Quesos (Meat and Cheese Platter)… OMG so yummy !! This included the following meats: chorizo, Salchichon, Jamon Serrano (TAPAS)! The cheeses were Manchego, Mahon and Murcia al vino! Sooooo good with the rose wine that we had! (Which makes sense since its a whine which is said to match well with meats). The platter was served with some bread and oils as well! All very delicious, but rich if eaten in large quantities ! 😛


The Wine 😛 9/10

The wine was a Castillo del moro Tempranillo Rose, not an overly expensive wine but delicious all the same ! I find that it price doesn’t determine the quality of the wine really.. With wine it’s a case of preference and your own pallet. Like you could drink this wine and taste strawberries whereas I could taste this wine and taste peach and raspberries. I am a Rose Girl 🙂  Anyways this wine was so crisp , fresh and was bursting with berries ! mhmmhmmm 🙂 As I say this wine went down really well with the tapas meat and cheese ! Such a compliment ! I am sure Taye Dawg would agree ! The only issue with the wine was there wasn’t enough of it !!! hahah! There is a massive selection of drinks in their bar area too btw!

Desert 8/10

We couldn’t leave without trying a Spanish desert (OBVS)! 😉 We choose the Churros which is like warm bits of donut and you dunk em in tha chocolate sauce ! OMG Sooooo goood! mmmm! It’s a sweet savoury type desert ! Defiantly recommend trying it ! So yummy! 🙂


The Menu 8/10


Despite the menu only having 1 page of choices the items that are on it have been carefully selected, and to be honest Taylor and I struggled to choose only 4 items because to us there was so much to choose from! If we hadn’t had the voucher and had just gone to spend money I can see how easy it would be to spend a lot! We would like to go back and try the other dishes that we quite liked the look of !

The price  10/10

The price is extremely affordable.. now each dish ranges from as low as £3.50-£9.95, the most expensive dish is the cheese and meat plater board at £12.95, but it is massive ! I would recommend picking no more that 4 dishes tbh because even for 2 people who love there food that was a lot of food ! (Try and avoid the eyes bigger than yer belly situation cause that will create a big bill and lots of doggie bags) haha!

The Seating 9/10

It looks really small from the outside but in fact there are quite a lot of seats! The have a second setting area as well as the main restaurant area. There weren’t many others in on that Monday afternoon that we were in, only 3 other groups of 2. It was a rather relaxed. We choose a window seat which was lush with the winter sun beating through!

Staff 7/10

Staff were pleasant and helpful enough and very knowledgable about the dishes and the wines that were on offer. They recommended the wine that Taylor and I chose as we specified what kind of wine we favoured normally.

Overall experience 8/10

This was a really enjoyable dining experience and the company was top notch ! Strongly recommend giving this restaurant go!

48 West Port, Dundee

01382 2255666

They are open 12am-10pm Sun-Mon

If you get a chance to go let me know about your experience here too!

Anyways until next time.. Chao 😉

Lots of love 



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