A Travelogue! The Isle of Lewis!

Hey hey hey!

The travel: Aberdeen to Inverness (3 hrs 24 m)

To get to the Isle of Lewis there are 2 options; by boat or by flight. I drove from home (just before Aberdeen) to Inverness and stayed the night with family friends .. I wont lie I was nervous about the drive as it is the longest I have ever driven in my entire life. But I got there no problem and I actually quite enjoyed the drive. It helped that it was a sunny day and I had good choons on my Road trip playlist 😛

So I left Fiona and Roddy’s house early the next morning and drove to Ullapool to catch the Caledonian MacBrayne ferry across to the Isle of Lewis which was just the most exciting part of the journey, apart from being so awfully proud of myself actually getting to the right place at the right time, in one piece! I have a bit more faith in my self now lets just say that ! I can do anythingggg ;P

So I got ma Calmac Breckie on the Boat… and then concentrated on not painting my 6 chosen breakfast items across the ferry window…I’ll explain.. I text hev saying it It was so much calmer than normal (I have been on the Cal Mac boat before thats how I knew 😉 )  I’m not even sure if the engine is on Hev?”… Hev was like just wait Chlo, it will get rougher! 😛 Yeah so an hour later I am sitting at the window feeling rather green, watching the waves and feeling them in my stomach, meanwhile Hev is texting me like, “you looking forward to lunch mate.. I am so hungry.?”. Ugh ! Aye..eh dunno right now Hev eh haha ! I felt great on that boat apart from feeling rather green for a short while !

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Monday 2nd April: Chlo has landed- “Hev Mac and Chlo Jack are reunited and back on the attack again! :P”

It was just great to walk off that ferry terminal and reunite with my soul sistaaa again 🙂

(Moments pause to just to appreciate that)

Fooooood !

food 1
HS-1 Cafe Bar: Salami, ham and sun-blushed tomatoes ciabatta, with chips

So I had docked in at Stornoway, which is like the main town in the Isle of Lewis. Hev and I just caught up and she introduced me to the town and we went for a spot of lunch (yes of course I managed lunch, after recuperating from that last hour on the boat) there is never a time I can’t manage food 😛 So we went to HS-1 Cafe Bar which is on Cromwell Street. I chose a delicious and very substantial sized; salami, ham and sun-blushed tomatoes and rocket ciabatta, which just so happened to come with chips 😉 Sorry not sorry 😛 There was a lot on the menu to choose from, all very reasonably priced for the quality and quantity that was served ! Well worth a try if you go to Lewis! Ah it was soooo good! A very enjoyable start to the holiday!

So we had a pretty chilled afternoon on the Monday just celebrated; being reunited again, Hev and her partners new house and just life in general really.. after all we hadn’t actually seen each other in like a year ! #Bestfriendgoals

My welcome to Habost was very warm and welcoming, I will defiantly rate Hev’s hospitality on trip adviser as a full 5 stars :P. They live in Such a cute and peaceful little place.. Put it this way Hev’s neighbors were pretty meh and full of bahs.. yes the sheepish kind !

If you every decided to go to Lewis there are a lot of little B and B’s that you can check in at and there are a few wigwams and lodges around the Island. I will give you a TOP recommendation soon though 😉

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Tuesday- Harris bound!

The ocean is everything I want to be. Beautiful mysterious, wild and free“.

chlo by the sea

hev and chlo beach

Oh my goodness.. just such a gorgeous place ! I was in love with this place ! We visited Britain’s award-winning  Luskentyre beach on the Isle of Harris and it was just gorgeous ! This is the one thing that I love most about the Hebridean Islands; their clean and crisp blue sea beaches. It literally feels tropical when the sun is glimmering off the sea, the only exception being the wind is rather chilli. It is especially cold when the hail stones fall, despite the fact it’s fully sunny (welcome to Scotland, have fun taking a selfie in this weather element, love mother nature xox).

Sea life is my favorite scenery… I could stay by the sea for hours in a day, so I was very much in my element this day. 🙂 ❤

lalal   “You can’t cross the sea merely by standing and staring at the water”..


The cure for anything is salt water: sweat, tears or the sea“.

chlo happy

Gin Gin Gin!! Harris Gin!

harris gin

So we took a look at the Harris Gin Distillery, but unfortunately the gin tour was fully booked! 😦 I tried with my puppy eyes and explained that I had traveled ALLLLL the way from Aberdeen so please please please could I take a tour today!? But my puppy eyes didn’t get Hev and I into the tour ! Haha ! That was okay though we went for an ultra fine tasty food experience instead 😉 But guys if you’re gonna go and want to take part in the tour PLEASE book well in advance okay, it costs £10 to do the tour ! You guys can tag me in your photos on Instagram and tell me all about your experience on the Harris Gin tour 😛 I have tasted the gin though.. it is made from 9 carefully selected botanicals: which you can learn about by clicking here and I would describe the taste as being fresh and citrusy but with a hint of spice.

Harris gin drinking recommendations

Harris gin is recommend to be served on the rocks with a dash of sugar kelp aromatic water and if you feel tonic is necessary the walter Gregors Scottish tonic is preferable and a wedge of fresh grape fruit rimmed around the glass. This drink can then be slowly enjoyed! 😉

Award winning; North Harbour Bistro and Tea room food experience! The Isle of Scalpay!

So according to Hev this is “thee” place to go on the island to eat, and let me tell you she is totally right ! This food was incredible ! When we got there we originally decided that we would just have a starter, HA! joke, I know right ! We fooled our self.. we had another 2 course after our starter dish 🙂 haha! Oh my goodness it was amazing though! If you travel to Lewis you must try! For starters I had a Crab Ravioli dish, with radish, several puree’s and a beetroot crisp. I then had a salmon ciabatta with salad and chips haha!  and to finish this off I chose the Panna Cotta, which was served with meringue, orange puree and a strong cheese flavoured shortbread and some springy sponge on the side. The cheese shortbread was very unusual but did surprisingly complement the sweet Panna Cotta, and the sponge was particularly unusual, but really very clever and tasty! It was overall a very good food experience, spoken by a foodie myself ! 🙂 5 STAR RATING to this island bistro! Not only is the food delicious and value for money, but there is a lot of choices on their menu! I was struggling to decide on a final choice ! The service was fantastic too! Very on the ball and friendly. For being such a small place in such a remote area all 8-9 tables were fully occupied. (This just shows you its highly recommended. 😉  ) It’s a must try if you visit! Tag me in your photos on Instagram if you do go across and try it out! (Click here to visit the Bistro’s Facebook page).

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Harris Tweed! (A woman never has enough handbags in her life)

So we visited “thee” Harris Tweed shop ! Just gorgeous ! So natural and well worth a look! Save up before going though guys! You will see lots of gorgeous things you will like to purchase, no doubt! 😉 I purchased this gorgeous bag for mum. I hope I get a loan of it one day! 😉

 We met a great big coo!

 Wednesday: Eishken Estate! (My favorite day)

So we visited Hev’s home, Eishken Estate and it was just great ! It was great to see where  my best friend grew up.

We explored Loch Shell on Hev’s dads boat, where I was completely in my element and just so relaxed. The boat trip was the one thing that I had really hope we would fit in, so I was super happy! Unfortunately though the water was not at the conditions that we could do a bit of fishing, but even better I learnt all about how the fishermen work with the fishing crates to collect crabs and lobsters. This was amazing! While doing so I got to experience so many amazing views of Loch Shell and I held a lot of really cool sea creatures ! I was like a kiddie with candy! I was so excited haha (So sad, I don’t get out much :P) I was really just embracing this experience! It was incredible ! This is what life is about though; experiencing , embracing and living life to the fullest! Thank you Chris for taking Hev and I on the boat ! I wont forget that experience any time soon! 🙂

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When coming back from the boat we were both pretty cold and had rosie cheeks haha Donna, Hev’s mama served us such a delicious venison stew, a specialty dish in the MacRae house hold! Good hearty, put hair on your chest Scottish type food ! Thank you Donna for this gorgeous meal and hospitality!

donnas hospitality

Walkies with the pack ❤

We took a refreshing walk around the estate after lunch and let the dogs explore! Seeing the island from the top of the hill made me appreciate the; nature, the gorgeous weather and views and the fresh air and time with my best friend all the more. It is no lie that we are all guilty of taking the smallest things in life for granted and not giving it the appreciation it deserves, sometimes we should just step back for a moment and actually appreciate these small things that we take for granted. (Helps with the positive vibes 😉 )

Views of Loch Shell ❤

thee view

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Fancy a holiday to the Isle of Lewis then?

So I hope by now you are drooling at the views and thinking that this might be a fun holiday option. If you are keen to visit Lewis, especially with a large party of people I would strongly recommend staying at Eishken Estate lodge where there are fantastic adventure opportunities for all ages and loads of space for everyone to enjoy! If you are interested in Eishken Estate Lodge click here to view their webpage where you can find out more about whats on offer throughout the island and more about the lodge facilities and how to book. I hope if you do decide to visit that you enjoy your experience as much as I have.

LAMB 3One thing that was just brilliant and gave me and Hev a lot of “LOL’s” was just how chillaxed the sheep were ! They just pleased themselves, no care in the world.. crossed the road whenever they wanted, sat at the side of the road and watched life go by and stopped right in the center of road and stopped traffic. They were a good analogy to how I (maybe you too) should approach life more often in certain situations; I am NOT suggesting that we all sit at the side of the road and stop traffic (haha) I just think  stepping back sometimes and being more laid back in certain stressful situations and just relaxing a bit more would be a good lesson to learn from sheep!  Be cool as a sheep then you will have a sound life haha ! They certainly gave the car journeys a VERY good giggle !  I was happy just pulling up at the side of the road taking loads of snaps of sheep and baby lambs on my camera ! I was literally in aww at the baby lambs! They were just so cute ! (It’s the little things in life).

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The Golden Road

golden roadWhen going to Lewis you must visit the Golden road. This road literally got the adrenaline pumping ! It’s the narrowest road imaginable. It is a bit like a natural roller coaster! You drive up a hilly bit and then all you can see is road and sea and you aren’t sure how long the dip is 🙂 Yeah its fun! If you are an experienced driver and have a full driving licence why not give this iconic road a wee wurl! The views are pretty neat on the way too, which is a plus!

“Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations..” 

Thursdays Adventures

The weather was still unexpectedly gorgeous. We visited some of the islands history destinations, the Callanish stones to start with. The stones were built by men and woman just by using; rollers, wooden frames and brute man power. Quite impressive I would say! Its windy up there too so wrap up warm if you decide to give that a try! We also visited the black houses which are houses that were built with brick and straw hundreds of years ago.


The town has a lot of quirky shops and of course the famous award-winning butcher; Charles McLeod, famous for the finest Stornoway Black Pudding known to man. I brought back a few bits of memorabilia, and of course brought back some local food produce to my family, who love local food produce.

Lews Castle

We went up for some lunch to Lews Castle, which again is just stunning! once a derelict building, now a gorgeous grand hotel, food outlet and museum.

One for the road !

When you visit an island the one thing that you cannot leave without doing is going to the local pub for yer dinner and a pint ! So as you can guess Hev and I finished off the trip with one for the road at Loch Erisort Inn. 

Hit the road jack!

A rainy Friday morning, but it was time to go home. Time really did fly cause I was having so much fun!

drive time

I was dreading this long haul journey home but it wasn’t as bad as I had expected it to be. It took me a 2 and a half hour ferry and then 5 hours 10 drive home! It wasn’t too bad, rather therapeutic actually!  The boat is always more authentic and fun though, I must say!

I hope that this blog has given you some inspiration to visit this gorgeous island, or if not this island, at least travel somewhere NEW ! Ones destination is never a place but always a new way of seeing things!

lets be advernturous

Thanks for reading guys, that’s all for now.. I hope you have enjoyed this blog as much as I have enjoyed the experience and writing about my adventure …! Speak to all you soon!

Lots of love from

Chlo Jack


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