My 3 Smiling Staffies…

I am going to introduce you to the 3 munchkins that instantly make me smile, and have done for years, despite what anyone thinks of them! I’d like you do meet my 3 doggos: Star, Carina and James ! They are my Pawrrfecttt pooches, my world! 😉

Introducing my 3 beauties 🙂

Star, Carina and James are Staffordshire Bull Terriers …I know that some people may shriek at their breed, but let me tell you they the kindest, most loyal and softest breed that you will actually ever meet! This is said from a genuine strong evidence that has been built over 11 years of owning the breed…  Lets meet these lovely babies shall we ?!  I hope they make you smile in ‘aww’ as much as they make me smile and ‘aww’, tehe! 🙂

Meet our old Girl, Star ! (My First doggo)

Star is 12 years young and lovesss bananas (any food at that matter)! My mum and dad thought it was a challenge to keep the fridge full with me being a hungry horace, and then when we got Star and we found out that she was a foodie, just like me! Haha!! 😛

                                If this photo doesn’t make you smile I don’t know what will!

Star has been a best friend to me since I was 12 .. She has always been there to comfort me and is very in-touch and sensitive to my feelings,  she knows if I am sad and she will check I am alright by cuddling in to me and making everything okay. ❤

u ok chlo
You Okay Chlo? xo She is always been there to help me through my homework too haha! Shh don’t tell the lecturers!

Meeting Star for the first time was the most magical day ever ! She was the cutest little puppy ever running about the grass in the sunshine (melts my heart just remembering it).

pup star
Star Pup ❤
Fun fact- Staffords are called the ‘Nanny dog’ because.. they are so affectionate and well-tempered with children! Even Prince Harry got to see how amazing the breed is when he met a Stafford on his trip to New Zealand! Check it out 

Star also LOVES any form of heat she’s either:

1 Under her blankets

2, Glued to the side of the tumble dryer to catch every inch of heat the blows through, when it’s on,


3 She is at her favourite place EVER EVER which is in the dining room where the sun is beating through the patio doors.. and she will sunbath in there with her daughter for hours in a day (rare in Scotland, but we do get sun from time to time, Hehe! 🙂

Hello Sun Babe! #ScottishSun
sun girl
Always to be found in the Sunshine 🙂

She’s a spoilt madame though ! Certainly a sassy Divaaa !

sassy diva
“Peel me grape darling” ! Haha!

She is our old girl, but she’s still young at heart and she loves her belly rubbed and enjoys Naps! Like most doggos !! #ToHaveaDogsLife

She is my wee perfect angel and I love her a lot. ❤ I am sure if you have a dog you love them a lot and have made them a part of your family and not just a pet animal.

 Next up …

Meet our Pocket Rocket Carina.. Na bola! (Pretty little lady)

Carina’s is named after a constellation in the southern sky, near the Milkyway and her name fits in with our kennel name “Solarstaff” which is in fitting with a solar system theme and was used to identify the dogs when we showed them. Carina is 9 years young and is Stars daughter (hence why we went with a solar system theme.. makes sense right?)

Hellooo, I am Carina smiling is my favourite! 🙂

Carina was born when I was 15 years of age and her birth into this world was the most incredible thing ever ! Star was an extremely attentive mother and raised her very well.. which figures because Carina is a very well-behaved (proper little lady), cuddly and just cute as a little button..

carinas close up
Bless her! 🙂 Staffords just want to make their owner happy all the time.

Carina when she was a Puppy (I’m melting at how adorable she is here *lol)

running pup
Wooo this is great fun running in circles around the garden 🙂
runnnn carina
Pup on a mission !
carina happy pup
Hey, big dog friend! : Ft Flash

She is a cheeky little monkey sometimes and can be very comical as well!

carina chair
I love how Star just looks at me wondering what the hell is going on *laughing!

I was laughing in absolute hysterics this day when Carina jumped up to give me a cuddle and she was so excited and so strong that I fell back in my chair, and then she thought to make it all okay she’d just trot over and lick my face!! *Laughing!

They are also known for being a very intelligent breed of dog !

She would be a good sponsor for Coke a Cola too! I took this picture of her a few years a go and posted it on the ‘Dogs Today Magazine’ Facebook page and she got millions of likes and comments from it! I was delighted 🙂 Think we are on to something Carina.. (she will be apart of a marketing campaign some day! 😉

coke love
Coca cola Puppy Love ❤

Carina loves to wrap her paws around your neck to give you a cuddles and will wrap herself up in her blankets to get cosy when it’s bed time. She is just a wee hunni !  I love Carina very much. ❤

caina n bola selfie
One thing you can count on from a Staffie is loyalty: They will never let you down and will love you unconditionally.

and last but not least…

Meet Jamesee, Our gype pupier! (Jolly James)

James (Aka Jim) is the jolliest and sweetest natured dog, he is just so affectionate and so so cheery, but he is such a dafty! HAHA!! James is 5 years of ages and is still our wee puppy at heart! He’s like a wee baby boy.. he’s mostly a daddy’s boy and prefers male attention and will cuddle up on dads lap when mum and dad are watching evening telly. However, his favoritism doesn’t stop him from loving everyone around him! James adore going out for walks. He knows when it’s walking time because he hears the shoes, doesn’t just see them, he hears them coming out the cupboard! Then that’s him sold! It’s walk time!

jim jim
Smile Buddy ! P.s this was a very windy day outside when we took this one! *lol


jamesee puppier
He was the cutest little puppy ❤

We strongly believe that James thinks that he is a human,  just by the way he sits and the way he behaves… he’s just so funny!  Bless him.. he is full of cheerfulness and certainly gives you a wee giggle from time to time!

Selfie Galore with this wee charmer!

Motherly and daughterly love ❤

The girls spend most of their time in each others company and are they  just so cute together. They are certainly a good example of a mother and daughter spending time with each other.. you can tell they love each other very much. I think I should spend more time with my muma..


The girls are very good at sharing their toys and looking out for each other !

They are our Jacko Pack

As a family we love our dogs as family members… they are all well looked after and have the best care. Here’s to more happy years with our special pooches ❤

Walkies 🙂

The leader of the pack..

Amongst a pack of dogs there is always one main pack leader and our pack leader is Carina!

carina the boss
I’m the boss!

Paw promise!

No matter what I know that my dogs will always be there to give me a paw, or be there to snuggle up with: it a pawmise ! ❤


To round up!

I hope that you have learnt a lot about the breed and trust me when I tell you that they are the most caring and affectionate and loyal breed out there and at no fault of their own they have been given a poor reputation… but of course we must understand that it is the owner who is responsible for the up bringing of any breed of dog that will determine its behaviour, just as a parent bringing up their child would determine a child’s behaviour. So let’s cut this breed some slack and love them for who they really are- because after all they are loyal in loving everyone for who they are!

Update: since writing this blog post Star and Carina have sadly passed away and have left a massive hole in me and my families heart. They lived the most amazing life and gave me so much in my life.

Star Jackson: 04/06/12- 26/06/22 (15 years of age)

Carina Jackson 21/03/14- 10/08/22 (13 and a half years of age)

They are forever both in my heart xx

That’s all from Chlo Jack today …

Lots of love from

Chlo Jack


“A Lifestyle Blog Written by a Scottish Lassie!”

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