Riden The Waves With SUP2SUMMIT!

Hey there Sailor! 😛

Here’s a little summit summit for you to read tonight! 😉

Did you watch my live video today?

If you watched my live video this afternoon and this evening on my insta story on Chlo Jack On Her Mac you would have seen how buzzing I was about trying out paddle boarding after work today… well as promised in my evening video ama tell you guys alll about it here right now !

5 Star experience!!!


The activity was through SUP2SUMMIT which is a local stand up paddle board and rock climbing activity provider. They are based in the area that I live in in Aberdeenshire.

My five star experience started with SUP2SUMMIT as soon as I contacted them about signing up! I contacted them via Facebook messenger.. They are very prompt at replying which is pretty good service I would say! The only time which they cant answer is understandably when then are out at sea! haha!

What attracted me to this?

It was actually their van that I saw going about which made me aware of their service. The bright coloured boards on the van roof really attracted me to what they were all about. I visited their website and their Facebook page to find out more and found that there were a selection of regular times and dates that week that I could try the paddle boarding out! Their photos on their Facebook page really drew me in too….I just thought YES lets go for it !!



Low in behold it was absoultely incredible!

It was a group of 5 of us that were out on the boards today… it was a nice wee number! They take up to 6 at a time out on the boards.


A place I call home !

You may think is this the Mediterranean ?! Eh No?.. This is Catterline Bay,  just a little area that I live near to on the coast of Aberdeenshire! But I wouldn’t blame you for thinking so!  It is just gorgeous views out their ! Scotland your so pwetty ❤ !

The Sealife !

Speaking of the view ! We got a really great close up view to a few cute wee seals today ! Really spectacular ! We got a great view of a lot of the sea birds too! I was really hoping to catch a glimpse of the Dolphins today.. but I think they must have been hiding this time.. It’s pretty rare to see the dolphins, but maybe next time right ?! 😉

I did however hold a Moon Jelly Fish.. these jellies aren’t stingy ones so that was really cool! We also swam by Lions Main Jelly Fish which are super stingy (do not touch these ones). I paddled away from this one, because knowing me I would have most likely fallen in the water at this point and probably landed on the stingy blighter! (NOT A GOOD LOOK!) Ha!

You will get a good education too!

This is the one thing I really liked about this experience! The trainer Jim had a lot of knowledge on the sea life and the local area which was all very interesting to hear about, and it added a really nice touch to the overall experience!

I love this moon jelly ❤ (I was born to be in the water)

It’s like learning to ride a bike..

So we got a little lesson at the start of the session after fighting to put on our wet suits on (which btw is the hardest part of this whole experience, NO JOKE!)

So to start off with you kneel on the board to get used to the current of the water and get used to your paddle motion and then further on out into the water it is a case of starting to stand and keep your balance…  Okay so this Chlo fell in the water a good few times (look below) and I can confirm the sea really does tastes like salt ! ahah! I got enough tastes of it in this session haha ! If your concerned about drowning, please don’t worry you won’t, I promise! Your ankle is attached to a strap on the board so you can float away or drown, also you wear a life jacket type garment to keep you all safe 😉

Safety is taken very seriously by these trained professionals !

fell off

Like a duck to water..

So after a few tipples into the sea Chlo finally got her act together and worked that core and balance (which btw this was the equivalent of my gmy sesh today, not feeling it yet, but I am sure I will by tomorrow morning!) I was so proud of myself when I managed to stand on my board without falling and paddle for a solid 10-15 minutes or so haha! Honestly, it has given me a boost of confidence today ! I was a bit concerned I might not mange to stand and paddle at first today but I can stick my chest out and say I managed! 🙂  It just shows you when you put your mind to something and you really stick to something you really want to achieve then you DEFINITELY can do it !!! Just go for it people !!!

“You make the experience what it is”! Quote from Jim the trainer..

 Water Sport

This water sport is an all over body work out, which works the arms, legs and core! Who knew exercises could be so fun and relaxing all at the same time 😉


 Value for money

Everyone like value for their money and being an Aberdonian (who is typically stingy and likes value for their money).. I really can confirm that this was the best 20 pound I have spent in a long while.. it was well and truly value for money! This session was £20 which included the use of the paddle equipment, the wetsuit hire, the trained teaching and the experience on the water for over an hour! Seeing all that I saw and all that I experienced today was well worth £20!

I will be back for more of this water paddling fun!!!


Looking for the seals behind us here!

What you need to take part ?

All you need is a towel, a swimming costume and the eagerness and enthusiasm to go for it and experience new things !

So, will you paddle in to this experience, or will you dive right on board ?! 😉

Check out SUP2SUMMITS webpage by clicking here (which this girl designed 😉 ). You can also visit their Facebook by clicking here to find out more about it and to find out the most suitable place for you to take part ! Get your paddle sesh booked NOWWWWW!!! The sessions are snapped up ultra quick btw, so get in quick this summer!! 😉

Btw I felt like a viking paddling into the harbour like this haha! 

To round up…

I think I’m half Mermaid ha!!

I love the ocean.. ❤ … I really didn’t want to come out the water to be perfectly honest. The experience and the weather was just so great!! I really can’t wait to get back out there!! I hope I see some dolphins the next time I am out at sea! 😉 Stay tuned for my next visit on the tides 😉

the sea

Thats all from Chlo Jack today!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post!

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Take it easy guys !

Lots of love from 





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