Chlo’s March Around FUNDee’s Maggie Penguin Parade!

Hi There !


Have YOU seen or Heard?!

There are dozens, upon dozens and dozens of artistic penguins in Dundee and across a few areas in Angus, Fife and Tayside ! They are everywhere!!! There is a wopping 80 of them!

Whats Goinggg On!?

These artistically designed penguins have not just paraded in from the Artic.. No! Following on from Oor Wullie’s Bucket trail in 2016, the Maggie Centre in Dundee have began a Penguin Parade in the aim to raise lots of funds to keep their charity doors open so that they can support a lot more families and people who are fighting cancer!

About The Penguins!

The penguins have all been personally designed by local artistic individuals and companies..and each and every one of the penguins are SO unique!

The penguin parade is on tour from NOW until the Fare Well Event (running 22nd and 23rd of September) following on from this the Grand Auction event which will be taking place on September the 24th. This is where each and every penguin will be selected and chosen to go to a new home! This is the big event where companies and business bid for their favourite penguin and lots of funds are raised for the charity !

How to get involved with the Penguin Parade!

There is a map which you can download (click here) and this will help you on your journey in finding them all!


Shout out to Top Penguin Hunters!  (80 Penguin challenge)!

The charity are calling out to all the top penguins hunters to get involved with a challenge to find all 80 of the penguins! To take part in the 80 penguin challenge there is an App that costs 99p that you can download.. (click here) then all you gotta do is follow the map and hunt them all down and take a snap of them (or with them), and off you go on the challenge! The charity are also giving away a free Maggie Penguin water bottle for those of you that take part!  Your going to need that for your journey, especially with the heat wave we have had this summer !!

Chlo’s March on the Penguin Parade!

Made a day of it!

I am a big kid at heart ! My friend and I started the day off by having a spot of lunch down by the Riverside. We just had a picnic lunch, and enjoyed the spectacular views of the River! The River Tay is one of my favourite water views of all time, apart from the sea view from my home of course!


The Route We Took! (All 17850 Steps Counted)

We started our march of the Penguin Parade at Botanic Gardens on Riverside Drive and walked from there right down along the riverside, (There are a good few penguins to be found along this part).


Outside BridgeView Restaurant ! Get your morning roll in there 😉

bridgeview station .jpg

May the force be with you !!! YODA PENGUIN! 🙂


We crossed over the foot path bridge at Tesco at Riverside and then up on to University Road.. steps steps steps !!! 🙂


Across from the very famous Union Night Club 😉 #Studentlifemememories ❤

old man at sea

Dundee University

university .jpg
Tree of Knowledge is so clever!

Got Some Snap Shots Of The University Gorgeous Flower Arrangement Too!

Then along the street outside the Dundee Contemporary Arts we found Tartan Piper Penguin !

So detailed !!! ❤

Then right along this road to the town and up towards the Globe pub 😉 Where I purchased a fruit smoothie from my favourite smoothie and suchi bar called Jushi. Regular Berry crush as always ❤ 🙂 = A Happy Chlo!



Penguin Poem!

Can we take a minute to appreciate how cute this poem is on the ‘Poetry Penguin’!


We went back down and right along the town to beside the Overgate shopping Centre..

overgate .jpg

Next to these famous little guys ! (Note, they are not apart of the parade!) Haha!!


Then down Castle Street… there is one at the end of this street before you cross the road.. 🙂

march .jpg

There were loads down at Slessor Gardens..!!

This was my favourite one! I think it is because it has all the iconic areas of Dundee drawn on it ! ❤ I just found it very cleaver!


I love the name of this one: Sticky Feet! Named after Dundee’s famous Orange Marmalade !

sticky feet


banana man

Wandering Wanderer

wandering wanduer.jpg

Dazzle Penguin is situated outside the new Sleeperz Hotel !

Then across the road opposite the newly built V & A Museum and outside the Discovery Point we have Fundeeland Penguin 🙂

v and a

Along past the riverside and passed all the workmen we have the Baltic Builder Penguin !

work men

Then back along the riverside and up to our starting point at Botanic Gardens..


18225 Steps Later…. we made it back! Very refreshing and enjoyable walk around Dundee !


The Law! ❤


We took a drive up to the Law, another favourite spot of mine in Dundee! I got another chance to take in the spectacular views of this well beloved city and get a snap with:

The Vogue of Discovery Penguin !

Law penguin
He is pretty cute too with all the boats painted on him ❤

A City Close To My Heart!

Ahh Bonnie Dundee! Aye Dundee is one of my favourite cities to be in.. I have made a lot of great memories in Dundee over the years, so it was really great to reminisce in different spots of Dundee that we walked passed to find the penguins!


It’s an Ever Evolving City !

I love that Dundee is evolving, and at a speedy pace at that! I find that it has become more inviting and trendy with all the new restaurants, shops that have been built.. Oh and the big ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM, the massive big superey dupery museum that has been built on the Riverside (The V&A), which is due to open in September. This is bound to bring masses amounts of tourism into the city, hence why there have been a lot of new hotels been built! Slessor Gardens has also been a great spot created. It is such an inviting area to have picnics and of course enjoy outdoor concerts and performances (I am looking forward to enjoying this trendy space at the end of the month at Rita Ora’s Performance!) Lets hope it doesn’t rain!  I am really delighted to see Dundee growing and changing !

The Maggie’s Penguins have added more excitement and fun to Fundee, for all ages !!



Get your parade on to spot the Maggies Penguins!

I spotted 16 how many can you spot ?!?


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