Glamping at Loch Tay Highland Lodge!

Hello ello ! Hope you are keeping warm! (It’s so cold out there)!

One of my many highlights from last year was adventuring with my mum at Loch Tay highland Lodge in Perthshire. We experienced the art of posh camping, aka “Glamping”! I thought I would share with you this fantastic experience, tell you a bit about some of the places that we visited near by, and provide you with a few tips and suggestions for planning a Glamping trip!

The Accommodation (Barra)


This was our little hoosee for 2 nights. We visited in March/April so the weather was not as sunny as we would have liked it to be! It would have been a great outdoor area for a warm and sunny weather. There was even a little BBQ area for a private BBQ or marshmallow smore making. This hut was the next up from a standard wigwam. There are loads to choose from check out their website! Click here to view.

The wigwam is well equipped considering it is an outdoor wooden hut. Check it out below!

In the bedroom/ living/ dining room area there is a double bed, a double sofa bed, a television and a dining table and chairs. There is also a little heater you can turn on to keep cosy.

inside a wigwam

In the kitchen area there is a sink, a 2 ring hob, a microwave, a kettle, a toaster, a little fridge, a couple of pans, a set of plates, bowls and some cutlery. There is a sponge, tea towel and some fairy liquid for doing the dishes. We really enjoyed cooking some of our own dishes in this little hut. On the first night I made a tomato pasta and the second night I made fresh fish and chips with peas! As there wasn’t an oven we made doo with microwave chips! We weren’t sure what to expect on arrival so we brought a few of our own pans, plates and cutlery and cleaning up products just in case. I have made a list below of things you might want to consider taking with you for a glamping trip.


wigwam kitchen

The bathroom is well equipped with a power shower, a toilet and a sink! For a little hut I think thats pretty impressive.

views from loch tay .jpg

Take a look at this spectacular view from the hut! It is beautiful and peaceful! Your right in the middle of wildlife here. A lot of great walks in the surrounding area too!

You might even get a visit from a friendly duck !wigwam freinds


The service was very good. We had arrived to find that there were some maintenance being done in the the hut that we had originally booked, so we got upgraded to the hut that you see in the photos. It was very clean and well maintained. The staff were so helpful and very approachable, which made all the difference to our positive holiday experience. This is a pet friendly venue why not bring your beloved pooch!

Value for money

We had an Itison voucher so the prices were a little less than the regular prices. The regular prices vary depending on the hut that you choose. Check out the website here to view your options. I would definitely say that the prices are value for money! Such a great experience to embrace!


Availability can be limited so get in fast to book your space! It appears to be a very popular place to visit!

Things to do in the area:

There is a number of things to do in the area and the lodge itself can also provide you with various suggestions. Just ask at the reception desk! I have listed a few suggestions from the activities we did. See below.


The river Dochert known for it’s scourer of evil and pure cleansing force. This is just 5 minutes drive from the lodge.

Whats the story in Balamory?

We decide that we would take a trip to Tobermory! Well this was an exciting journey. We got up bright and early and drove to Oban.




From Oban we caught a ferry over to the Isle of Mull.
ferry ride
Then from Mull it was an unexpected hour and a half bus journey to Tobermory!

tobermory houses

It was worth the journey just to visit this bright wee place! It is just as you see it on TV! The village is small but has a lot of cute we shops to explore.

Tobermory Whisky Distillery! Why not take the whisky tour or grab a souvenir from the gift shop.

tobermory distilary

Tobermory chocolate shop: Filled with a huge selection of hand made chocolates and gifts. I went in the shop about 4 times before we left.

sweet shop tobermorysweet shop

Isle of Mull Soap Company: This is my favourite shop in Tobermory! Filled with gorgeous handmade soaps, candles and gifts. They smell amazing! Check out their website here. My favourite sent is the Frejia Candle. (Smells so good)

 To top it all off why not have a cuppa and a fresh cake at Tobermory bakery.

tobermory bakery

We returned back to Oban and bought some fresh fish from the fish monger to cook for tea in the hut.

Before we knew it our wee trip was over and it was time to drive home.

On the way home we visited Pitlochry and stopped at Hetties tea room for a cuppa and a jam scone.

hetties tea room

tea and scone

They have such a wide selection of tea choices. It was quite a cute wee place.

hetties tea

Suggestions on what to take on a Glamping trip.

  • An overnight bag
  • Bedding/ pillows or a sleeping bag
  • Cutlery and crockery
  • Towels
  • Torch
  • Snacks
  • Condiments for cooking easy meals (salt, little drop oil, ketchup)

SO thats all for just now!

Speak to you all again soon!

Lots of Love from



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