Body Shop Blogger Event Aberdeen.

Hey, How you all doing?

I thought I would share with you my fabulous experience at the Body Shop Blogger Event at the Aberdeen store, and tell you about some of the great products available at the moment!

Body Shop are Against Animal Testing!

animal-testing-ban.jpgFirst up one very important and positive fact, which I like about the body shop is that all of their products are cruelty free. There is no animal testing whatsoever to develop their products.

body butter shelf.jpg

Goodie Bag

We were all given a little gift bag with various leaflets and products to try out on the night too!

gift bag

Pink Grape Fruit- Hand Massage

I had a mini hand massage with the Pink Grape Fruit gel scrub. Which btw smells absolutely delicious, so much so you want to eat it! So fresh, fruity and zesty! I just love this sent! All of the Pink Grapefruit products contain pink grape fruit seed oil.  There are a few different products in this flavour see here. The scrub is great for removing any dead skin, followed by the Pink Grapefruit Body Lotion or Yoghurt. The yoghurt is a very nice fluffy consistency and is more absorbent than the basic lotion. I prefer a cream that is quick absorbed as I find that I often touch my hair after putting cream on and it makes it all greasy.

Pink Grape Fruit Body Yoghurt ❤

Pink Grape Fruit Body Lotion and bath fizzers ❤

Skin Consolation.

I brought my mum with me to the event as my plus one. She too is a great lover of the body shop products. This is a good time to note that body shop have a product to suit every age and every skin type. You can find out about your skin and the best products for your skin at the consolation tables in any body shop store. Check here to see where your nearest store is. We took the skin tests to test how hydrated our skin was.

body shop skin test

First up we placed the tested card onto different areas of our skin on our face to test how oily/ dry the skin was, then placed it against the measures detailed at the bottom of the card. As you can see my picture came out “Normal Skin”. I believe this is good haha! The test also still works even if your wearing makeup! I was quite surprised at this.

My mum and I also took the skin moisture test to monitor how dry our skin was. Apparently my skin is dehydrated. I don’t know how much I believe this, but if the machine says so.. I better get some moisturiser on there! Or maybe some Drops of Youth!

skin machine

*NEW* Drops of Youth!

Drops of youth is Body Shops latest skin product. This product helps to leave skin looking and feeling smoother, fresher and healthier with instant moisturisation. Suitable for all ages! There is various Drops of Youth products avalible. Click here to view. When applying this product my skin was silky smooth!

drops of youth



After my mums skin consolation she was recommended seaweed products and the Vitamin E gel moisturiser. The Seaweed products are suitable for a combination of skin types. The seaweed helps to ‘restore and balance excess oil on the skin to give you a shine free matte finish’. Click here to view the seaweed products. The Vitamin E gel moisturiser is a fast absorbent and oil free moisturiser and lasts for an unbelievable 48 hours! Click here to find out more about this product.

Products that I purchased:

HEMP- Hand Cream

I love hemp hand cream. ❤ This is the Body Shops best seller! It is great for extremely rough and dry skin. One thing I really love about this product is that it stays on your hands even after you wash them. I am pretty impressed that it still works it’s magic even after applying water! Click here to view the hemp products. This is a great product for a professional who washes their hands a lot such as someone in the health care profession or involved with food preparation.


Vitamin C glow revealing liquid peel, Almond Milk and Honey and Mango Lip Butter.

I love these products. The Vitamin C glow revealing liquid peel is great! Using the product will give you one of two reactions; either “WOW cool” or “eeww yuck”. When you apply to dry skin or any skin area and rub it in it lifts the dead skin particles from the skin and you can see it form little bubble bits on your skin (thats dead skin). Take a look on my picture below. After use wipe with a clean tissue and apply a moisturiser. This product has replaced the scrubs and don’t have the little plastic beads. The Almond Milk and Honey is great for sensitive skin types and smells really good! To learn more click here. This is a great little pocket size for my handbag! Lastly, lets talk about the lip balms. I have used the body shop lip balms for a few years now and really love them. They are not only fresh and great for moisturising your lips, but they leave a slight gloss on your lips. There are a variety of flavours in this range and also a new lip product out now called lip juicers which you can view here.

vit c and almon milk and honey

Results from the Vitamin C revealing peel.

dry skin
Results from the Vitamin C revealing peel.

Soap Bars

I purchased 2 soap bars as a proactive effort to be environmentally friendly and a means of benefiting from the properties in these bars. I have learnt recently that a lot of body gels and washes contain little plastic beads which are polluting the sea and affecting many animals. So after learning this I really do want to make a proactive effort to use bar soaps that don’t contain these polluting properties.

body shop pride
Proud of You.

Personalise your product with a selfie!

I thought this was brilliant! You can now personalise a tub of body shop body butter with a printed selfie photo on the front ! The secret is out, my friends now know what they are getting for their birthdays! 😉

Needless to say my mum and I walked out the event feeling smoother and smelling fresher than ever!

I really hope you have enjoyed this blog post! I would love to hear your comments below about any body shop products you love!

Cheers! ❤


Lots of Love from

Chlo Jack 


“A life style blog written by a Scottish lassie!”

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