Social Media Detox

Hello Hello it’s Chlo Jack! I – am – back!

Back in April (15 weeks ago) I took to a Social Media Detox . This involved no Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook Snapchat, not even Messenger! Totally Cold Turkey! All I had given myself access too was Whatsapp in the event my family needed to get hold of me (it’s free text of course ) oh and the old text and phone app. All of these apps were very rarely used. I had turned off all notifications, logged out of my accounts and said cheerio to this other world. In fact my screen time during the SMD was 6 hrs a week, as apposed to 6 hours a day which it was before the SMD! During the SMD I felt like I had shut myself out from a whole other world. This is no exaggeration. I believe everyone needs a Social Media Detox in their life, even just for a short while. It was the best decision I ever made!


  • Your mood will be brighter and fresher and your brain will feel clearer.
  • There is no pressure, or expectations of you.
  • You see things in reality and live in the moment.
  • There is more time to do things that are important.

It was really refreshing and calming not being hooked on gratification and scrolling. It was a total eye opener… During my step back I released really how much I had been, and folk around me were totally engrossed in their glowy brick. I felt more at ease being away from the social world. There were no expectations of me.

I have got quite used to waking up in the morning as someone with freedom, rather than someone who checks their phone as soon as their eyes are open. I mean the first few days of the detox I picked up my phone in habit and released I had nothing to look at except a bonnie photo of my doggo on the home screen! 🙂 (Which lets be honest is more of a delight than anything.) We 100 percent pick our phone up in HABIT! We need to get out of this unhealthy habit. I was terrible for that before!

I didn’t miss it much at all to be honest. when I first logged back on to everything it was a bit of a shock to the system, it was all a bit overwhelming and pressurising. I think as soon as I logged back on I regretted it. Word of advise – If you decide to take a break from social and then decide to return after I suggest that you don’t return at night time, it took me a long time to get to sleep after hauling through notification and messages for ages. My brain was whirring around… I also think the theory about the phone light before bed is true too! If you don’t know about that here’s a little link I found online to find out more.

What I did sort of miss about not being on social was not hearing about events and local news. But I mean that’s what the news and radio is good for! Old Style! I still got the news about who our new prime minister was even without Facebook!… I also really missed being able to post my blogs, but now I am back. I really hope you enjoy the upcoming blogs I have scheduled for you!

How to start a Detox.

If you are used to using your phone more or less every second of the day this may be a challenge for you, but it is one that is totally manageable if you stick to it. First up, maybe let folk know that your away for a short while. A short post or quick message to important people is fine. Turn off all notifications on your phone, log out all social apps and move them to the end of your phone. (You can move apps by holding the app, when they jiggle with the cross above them you can then move them along by holding them gently and swiping along. Try not to click the cross as that will remove the app completely). Moving the apps will reduce temptation to click on them because you wont see them. Before this stage remember to take a note of your passwords in case you wish to return to social later. Then that’s it, your on your way to freedom! Explore life and enjoy your freedom!

You will feel re-energized once you try a Social Media Detox!


Anyways that’s all for now!

Lots of Love From

Chlo Jack


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