A Book Lovers Secret…

For many years I have lacked patience to pick up a book and just read…. It is changed days now though… Bed time reading is the best part of the day and that I look most forward to. I guess I can consider myself as a Book Lover now!

The secret to being a book lover is finding an author that you click with.

My Favorite Author…

It was in Sophie Kinsella’s “My not so perfect life” that I found my love for reading. Before this day reading was a total no no! Now I have to restrain myself from ordering more of her books online. Sophie Kinsella is No 1 Best Selling Author, and I know why. From the collection of her books that I have read so far, there is not a single book that has left me feeling disappointed. I know this can be said on behalf of many others too, having read just a couple of her glowing book reviews.

She writes about real contemporary issues- but with real humor and wit that gives you a little giggle and that feel good factor. Reading her books gives me the same feeling as going holiday does. (Relaxed and break away from stresses.)

Things I love about reading…

What I love about reading is that you can learn a lot from a fictional book. Little snippets here, which really builds on general knowledge and vocabulary.

I strongly feel that reading makes life so much better. When you read a good book that your totally absorbed in time passes by and you don’t even realize. When I first started reading “My not so perfect life” I had been reading since about 10 am and then suddenly started to feel hungry…I looked up at the time to see that it was 3 pm! I hadn’t even realized !! I got the fright of my life! I was just so lost in the book!

Everyone will have a different outlook on the same book. They will have a different image and feeling to each story. That is the beauty of reading, you make the story feel and look the way you want it to be. It’s your journey!

Let me share with you some really great book recommendations and give you a wee summary.

Shopaholic to the Stars (Sophie Kinsella)

Becky Brandon, (nee Blooomwood) an English woman has dreams to be a Hollywood fashion designer. She moves to LA gets in with the stars, thanks to her Husband Luke… but does her dreams pan out the ways she imagines or are they better that she imagined? Who knows when her ultimate enemy “Alicia Bitch long legs” is hanging around? You will have to read on and see! Click here to order this book now! Just £6.87 at amazon prime!

Shopaholic to the rescue (Sophie Kinsella)

This book is a follow on from the Shopaholic to the Stars… Becky’s Dad goes on a mysterious runaway and takes Becky best friends husband with with him. This calls for a major search mission! All aboard the Campervan! I mean all- even Alicia bitch longs legs is there?! But why? There are highs, lows, tears, laughs, worries, mini affairs, a lot of site seeing and very suspicious behavior going on.. This book highlights resilience. A really exciting mystery! Click here to order now! Just £8.46 at amazon Prime!

The Domestic Goddess Sophie Kinsella

Samantha worked her self hard to get to that high end lawyers job in London…She sticks to the books and does everything right… Shes on a good path when suddenly she makes a 50 million pound mistake! How could she?! or could she? She flees from the scene in panic without a word to her family, friends or colleagues. She gets on the nearest train having drunk her self to oblivion. She ends up walking into a house and a job she has never been in before… I repeat never been in before!! Does this random walk in lead to her fate? You will have to read and see! Click here to order now! Just £4.26 at Amazon prime !

Surprise Me (Sophie Kinsella)

Marriage struggles… Sylvie and Dan have been together for ever – they even finish each others sentences!! They are meant to be, or are they? Their marriage is put to the test after they learn that they could be together for another sixty eight years of their lives! Through their journey a shocking truth is relived what does this mean for them both? A lot of humour ! The Sunday times number one best seller !! Click here to order now !

Twenties Girl (Sophie Kinsella)

Oh my word, this one is soooo good! Loved this one! Lara has been through breakups, work stress, parent nagging and is at her great aunts funeral (whom the family have not paid much attention to before she passed away). Suddenly she hears a screeching bossy voice “I cant find my necklace where is it? Find it!” Is it her guilty subconscious mind, is she going insane and hearing things or is it her twenties style great aunt sent to haunt her, or maybe guard her? You will have to read and see ! 😉 This story is filled with mystery, excitement, laughs, and on the edge of your seat “oh my word” moments… This story also highlights some truths about family! It is a must read! Click here to order it now!

I’ve Got Your Number (Sophie Kinsella)

Poppy Wyatt is engaged to a hunk. She has the dearest family ring, but she looses it after a little tipple with her friends at the hotels afternoon tea. Troubles worsen when her phone is snatched out her hand! Poppy is lost with out her phone! Until she find a phone lying in a bin, the rule finders keeps comes to mind… what happens next? Really gripping novel! Must read to find out what happens next! Click here to order now

My Not so Perfect Life (Sophie Kinsella)

The Golden Book! Love Love Love! ❤ Kate Brenner has a pretty perfect life. She lives and works in London and her Instagram account is totally on point. A total dreamy life. Is this all real or is it fake? Does her so called perfect life come crumbling down ? What happens next? Click to order and find out 😉

You Owe Me One (Sophie Kinsella)

Sophie has a new book out called ‘You Owe Me One’, which I just recently finished reading. To begin with I thought I had struggled to get into this book, but actually I really really enjoyed it. I think on reflection it wasn’t that I struggled to get into the book so much, I think that actually I just really I felt involved and empathized with the pressure that Fixie Farr, (the main character) was feeling throughout the majority of the novel. That’s what a good book does to you though! A really really great story about Fixie and her long chain of “I owe you’s” with a total stranger, and her loyalty to her family and family business “Farrs”. This novel is inspiring! Love, love, love it! You will love it too! A must read! To purchase click here…

To Check out Sophie’s Kinsella’s Website Click here… There is always great competitions going on you could get involved with!

I am aware there are a lot of Kinsella books here, but within my other little stash of new books in my room there are a range of authors. I will be sure to let you know about any gold that I find! Likewise I would love to hear some book recommendations from you too. Please leave a comment below.

Anyway book worms, that is all for now! I hope you have enjoyed this read! 😉 Speak to you soon !

Lots of Love From

Chlo Jack


“A Life style Blog Written by a Scottish Lassie”

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