Disneys the Lion King @Edinburgh Playhouse!

My family and I had the pleasure of visiting Edinburgh Playhouse in February to see the amazing Lion King theatre production! It was a 25th Birthday treat to remember !

Wow what an incredible theatre production!! Many of us have watched the movie version and know the story well. Well I must say that the theatre production did not disappoint because they delivered the story extremely well; through the amazing costume and acting talent!

The Costumes

The costumes and acting was honestly pure talent; it made the experience memorable! I would say people don’t truly appreciate the talent of this production enough. A lot of the characters movement would probably be quite tricky to perform but they made it look effortless! Spectacular!

I was in Union Square a while back and they were showcasing replicas of the costumes. check it out! \/ \/ \/

Zazu was my favourite character! He was hilarious!
This is a small version of this costume. This costume is dancing grass.
Another small version of one of the costume but again an awesome costume that would probably be quite a tricky one to manoeuvre in such a way that looks realistic. This character did incredible job of making it look realistic.

I won’t say too much more about the performance because the beauty of the this production is that it is filled with surprises to make you smile and say wow! 🙂 You will love it! ❤ Try and book a good seat to get the best experience from it and look towards the middle of the room down when the show starts, you will get a great surprise! 🙂

The production is on until the end of March. To book tickets click here.

Pre Theatre Meal !

You may want to grab some food before hand we went to The Conan Doyle Pub, delicious pub grub!

Great quality food and super service! Cant say much more than that! I had the Ocean; Fish, Scampi and Chips! I was stuffed afterwards! Another dish that was pretty tasty was the Steak and Ale Pie which my dad had. It was pretty tricky to choose a dish to be honest because there is so much choice!

So there you have a great family day out at your figure tips! To book tickets to see the lion king click here. Quick theres not long left until they leave Edinburgh!

Have a great time folks! 😉

Lots of love from

Chlo Jack


A lifestyle blog written by a Scottish Lassie

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