Lamp Making Workshop @ The Gin Bothy with Creative Tartan!

Lamp Making has been an experience that I have longed to tick from my bucket list; and today I did just that with my mum at The Gin Bothy in Glamis with Creative Tartan! ❤ 🙂

Creative Tartan

I came across the Creative Tartan’s workshop on Facebook a while ago, however every time a workshop appeared on facebook it seemed to be fully booked within seconds of it being advertised!!! (It is extremely popular to say the least)! The business owner Shauna is very approachable and helpful. Shauna’s mother was also at the workshop to oversee the workshop. The first point of call was to book our place via a facebook message and transfer a deposit or the full payment via online banking. We were later sent a message with the workshop details and an images to choose which colour fabric we would like. We then paid for our material on the day.

The Workshop

We arrived for 10.15am and began the workshop at 10.30am. The workshop lasted until about 12.30pm ish and we were giving a tasty treat and taste of Gin at the end. On arrival of the workshop everything was laid out ready for us. There was another workshop after ours!

Everyone was provided with the following:

Bottom and top fittings for the lamp

Lampshade (flattend)

*A piece of harris tweed or Moon Wool (If you had a bit of harris tweed you were given a harris tweed badge).

*A pair of scissors

*A dinner knife

*A plastic bit (looks like a plectrum)

*A roller

*There were various tapes on the table too.

Making the Lamp

It was fairly straight forward to make the lamp to be honest. The majority of the work was in the lampshade building. There were a couple of techniques that were tricky, but once you had the hang of it it was a piece of cake!

The lamp making process

First up we measured our material and stuck it to the lampshade. We cut a long the bottom of the plastic taking a small amount off. We then cut one side right up to the edge of the plastic and then on the other side we cut just a little bit and left some at the side so we could create a fold. We used the iron to create a crease.

We also cracked the sides off the edge of the lampshade.

We then taped both rings with strong double sided tape

The next stage was to remove the tape baking and hold the top part of the lamp fitting in the left hand and the singular ring in the right hand and roll and stick it just on the edge of the lampshade plastic. We were insured to have the left hand ring with the bulb hole inwards. (See below). It was important to have it them in the correct hands cause it is hard to take a part if done incorrectly.

The next part was the tricky part to tuck the tweed under the lamp using the dinner knife. The nack was to hold the material tight with your thumb and guide your index finger. We were asked do the seam part of the lamp last. It was a case of pushing all the material under the lamp fitting and listening for the crack of the tape as you push the material under.

We then used our plectrum looking plastic bit to tidy it up.

After this stage it was time to put the finishing touches together which meant pushing the electronic part into the bottle of your choice and sticking the harris tweed label on. My mum and I brought out own bottles but you are provided with a Gin Bothy bottle on the day. You can choose to have a gin label on, or off your Bothy bottle.

We were also served a nice taste of the Gin Bothy gin to celebrate and a homemade scone with jam. I choose the merry berry gin with lemon and mint juice as opposed to the original Gin Bothy gin. A nice wee touch at the end. The gin tasted delicious; it was just like fruity juice!! Very flavoursome!

Taaadaaaa a finished Harris tweed bottle lamp 🙂 I am so chuffed with this! it was great to see everyones finished product. I was super proud of our finished products.

It was nice to see everyones handy work! All different ❤


Deposite £15

Remaining cost 7 days before workshop £25

Fabric £10 ( Size: 100 cm x 30 cm

Experience Review. *****5

Brilliant experience! It is something unique and fun to do! I am glad to have learnt something new and enjoyed spending time with my mum too!

My mum and I both purchased extra fittings to make another lamp at home. Workshopers are issued with a discounted price after being at the workshop! So we are looking forward to making another one!

I am also very lucky to be going to my friends lamp workshop birthday party so I will be an expert by then! Fancy a party workshop why not book! Just drop Shanua a Facebook message!

Click here to book your lamp workshop now with Creative Tartan!

Phone: 07976 729692

You wont be disappointed! Have fun!

I have put my lamp in my room; just my colours!

Lots of Love From

Chlo Jack


A lifestyle blog written by a Scottish Lassie!”

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