The Cost of Kindness…

Be kind Always.

We are all living on this little place called; planet earth. Sharing the same air and all working for the ultimate common objective in life; which is to survive….Life is about more than just surviving; it is about LIVING! To the fullest at that!

No life is truly LIVED to it’s fullest potential if it is spent absorbing the judgmental opinions and thoughts of others.…!

We humans face SO much pressures from one another, but why?! There are some real sticklers out there; ready to pounce for an ounce of what they can get; from what they see as their prey. This is no humane sport!

Think: When you are going around your daily routines; each a stepping stone towards your survival; PLEASE consider how you are treating others that you come across. They too are leading their life for survival.

We must realise that we are not all going at the same pace, nor are we all at the same place in life. We must respect and value one another for whom and where we are in life. We must all learn to accept one another’s qualities just as much as our equality’s !

Being kind costs less than the basic survival kit; there is no price on fulfilling someones life with kindness; it is a free investment and benefits all of us.

Live a life full of kindness...

With Love

Chlo Jack


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