Chlo’s Top 10 Christmas Advert’s of 2019!

It’s that wonderful time of year again-Christmas!

Before we dive into my blog topic today I would just like to mention as I have mentioned before; this time of year is not as wonderful for everyone. Please, please, please think about doing something kind to make a difference to at least one person this Christmas! A kind gesture does not need to be big and expensive! Feel free to take a look at my 10 ways to sprinkle kindness at Christmas blog, which will give you some inspiration on how to be kind this Christmas . Click here to view.

So onto my blog topic now…

Every Christmas there is great excitement to see which advert is gonna be the best one. I found myself on Sunday Afternoon just scrolling through the 2019 Christmas Adverts and thought a review of my top 10 favourite ones would make a fun seasonal blog. So let’s work our way from my Number 10 to my Number 1 Christmas Advert of 2019!

Number 10 Argos!

So the Argos advert made it in my top 10 favourite 2019 Christmas adverts because the message in this Christmas advert reminded me a lot of my own childhood at Christmas. It starts off with a father figure scrolling through the Argos catalogue (also known as “the book of dreams) to find that the little girl has circled the really cool drum kit. Of course this is the little girls Christmas wish, hence why the Argos catalogue has been named “the book of dreams”! (I too remember circling toys in the Argos catalogue at Christmas). Any ways the fathers imagination runs away with him and he finds himself and the little girl playing the drums to a crowed of screaming fans! Woawww! This advert is fun and really resembles the traditions of children circling their Christmas wish in “the book of dreams”.

Number 9McDonalds

Aww the McDonalds advert- This advert is pretty cute, don’t you think? “Clickeda clock, clickedy clop”, “Are you reindeer ready?” This adverts wee message is saying remember your carrots for the reindeers! A tradition of many families with young children! It certainly was a tradition in my home when I was a little girl to leave a carrot out for the reindeers on Christmas Eve!

Number 8- Amazon

This advert is sweet.. This adverts shows families friends and colleagues coming together to share the true spirit of love at Christmas. We also see the famous Amazon cardboard boxes singing along cheerfully to the song “Everyone needs someone to love”.

Number 7 Asda

This advert emphasises the true magic of Christmas and how sad it feels when the magic fades away… (This one is my mums favourite advert this year).

Number 6-Aldi

Goodness everyone must love the Aldi Advert with Kevin the Carrot! Especially now the advert features Robbie Williams ‘Let me entertain you” as the theme tune! Also I don’t blame them for making the sprout the enemy, not my favourite vegetable either! Although I do make it my Christmas aim to have at least a couple at Christmas! On a side note- who would have thought you could buy a cuddly kevin the carrot!?! That is some great marketing!

Number 5- Tesco

This one is a very clever advert! Obviously Tesco are celebrating their 100 years of “Delivering Christmas” and so in their Christmas advert they go back in time a bit like the story of “A Christmas Carol- Ghost of Christmas past” and we see into the future from the perspective of people in the past.

Number 4 Sainsbury’s

The Sainsbury’s Advert is a really lovely one! This advert resembles kindness. Mrs Sainsbury gifts “Nicholas the Sweep” with a bag of oranges after realising that he did not steel the oranges in the beginning. The young boy (Nicholas) then gifts this gift to the other orphans as a gesture of Kindness at Christmas.

Number 3 Very

This is also a really lovely advert. This adverts shows the community getting together to make the elderly man in their street smile and feel included at Christmas. As mentioned previously for many people Christmas is a lonely time and so checking in with elderly neighbours and making them feel apart of Christmas will mean so much to them. This advert promotes this kindness really well!

Number 2John Lewis

Awww Edgar the Dragon! This advert melts my heart ❤ We see that the dragon struggles to keep his fire contained, subsequently he burns a lot of things in the village which makes people rather unhappy. However the turning point is when the joy is ignited as Edgar puts his fire to good use by firing up a tasty Christmas pudding! I just Love this one!

Number 1Dogs Trust

Lastly the dogs trust advert! As a true doggo lover I just love this advert, but also get really upset with it too! So in this advert we see the cork dog having a lot of fun and getting lots of love from the family during the festive period. We then see the dogs life after the Christmas period (ditched in the bin like rubbish). I feel really strongly about the message delivered in this advert! DOGS ARE NOT JUST FOR CHRISTMAS, dogs are a for life and to be loved and cared for FOR LIFE! I really hope this advert gets through to people this Christmas! It breaks my heart that people treat dogs like a temporary Christmas item! Including a Sam Smith tune was just right for this advert too! It certainly pulled my heart strings and sentiment! My favourite Christmas advert of 2019!

I loved all the adverts listed above, but the Dogs Trust advert just pulled my heart strings!

So that is my verdict on the Christmas adverts of 2019! I would loovvvve to hear which Christmas advert is your favourite one- just comment below! 🙂

That’s all from me just now!

Lots of love from

Chlo Jack


“A life style blog written by a Scottish Lassie”

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