North East Ice Cream Parlour: Mackie’s 19.2!

I have been meaning to visit Mackie’s 19.2 in Aberdeen, for some time now and I finally got the chance this week!

Chlo’s Ratings

Service 5/5 – The servers were very attentive and friendly.

Cleanliness 4/5– Very clean environment. What would have made it a solid 5 was if the table had been cleared from the last person. Hey ho this doesn’t take away how great it was!

Choice 5/5– There was an amazing amount of choice! It was actually quite hard to choose!

Flavours 5/5– Oh my word it was heavenly, absolutely bursting with flavours! I choose the Triple Chocolate and Salted Caramel! I asked for some chocolate sauce on it too! Which too my surprise was thick Mackie’s chocolate and needless to say yes it did solidify on my ice cream, so I essentially ended up scoring because I had a bar of Mackie’s milk chocolate with my ice cream! Creamy deliciousness is all I can say! As my ice cream had solidified I couldn’t get to the ice cream so much so that I ended up breaking my spoon!! ūüėā

Price 4/5– ¬£3.20 sounds expensive for 2 scopes of of ice cream, but actually I would say that it was great value for money! We got a substantial amount of quality ice cream and of course a table to eat it at. We paid extra for the chocolate sauce (The extra was so worth it tho!) Considering the tineeee tiny tubs of Mackie’s ice cream you get at the theatre are ¬£2.50 I think this was great value for money!

Not only do they serve delicious ice cream they also serve luxurious waffles and various coffee and cakes!

Happy Cows

Mackie’s take pride in their milking cows and they work hard to get the nutritional content just right! click here to find out more about how magic happens! There is a robot that milks the cows! Watch the video and see how it all works!

Mackies 19.2 is a must visit ! To find out more about Mackie’s click here !

The Address for this classy North East Ice cream parlour is: 7, Marischal Square, Broad Street, Aberdeen AB10 1BL!

Go on give it a try! It’s delicious!

Thats all from me today!

Lots of Love from

Chlo Jack


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