World Kindness Day…#BEKINDALWAYS

It is the 13th of November, so that means it is World Kindness day today! Happy Kindness Day everyone ❤

So, I was scrolling through my social media feeds this afternoon and came across numerous posts about serving a ‘random act of kindness’ (TODAY – the 13th of November), and of course I am 100 % on board with this!

Being Kind has been an ethos I have lived by my whole existence-it makes me who I am. Being kind and inclusive towards others is so important to me. This comes partly from my own experience. I, like many others have experienced the short straw of unkindness- and needless to say it is not pleasant! Unfortunately such is life (although I really wish it wasn’t). I strongly believe that everyone deserves a level of respect and understanding.

When scrolling though my social media news feed today I just thought to myself; why today, why the 13th of November are we sharing posts to encourage each other to deliver a “random” act of kindness, why can’t we always be kind to one another?

In an ideal world I would truly love to see people spreading kindness around us all of the time, because honestly we all live on this planet, and being kind towards one another would create such a better life for us all. I also strongly believe that no one has the right to inflict any sort of unkindness upon another.

Fun fact: Kindness has been proven to improve happiness- for the retriever, and also the giver. So let’s spread this stuff everywhere!!

While this designated day encourages us to display a “random” (note random) act of kindness for others, I am suggesting that we should practice being kind to one another and to ourselves, EVERYDAY!

I understand things happen in life that can often hinder our aptitude in being kind all of the time, but let’s step back from that, reflect and think about acting kindly rather than hastily, or if we do act hastily let’s step back think about it, and take a positive action to rectify these actions.

What does everyday Kindness look like?

*Being understanding, instead of judgemental!

*Including, instead of excluding!

*Being honest, instead of lying..

*Making time for people, instead of ignoring them…

*Making time for yourself, instead of forgetting about yourself…

*Supporting people, instead of crushing them…

*Showing meaningful appreciation and gratitude, instead of taking things for granted…

*Encouraging growth, instead of exercising competition…

*Forgiving, instead of holding grudges…

*Love your self and those around you!! Instead of expressing hatred and anger!

Please, be kind to those around you, regardless of any socioeconomic factors. After all being kind doesn’t cost anything for you today or indeed any-day! You will receive happiness in return for your kindness! I don’t know about you but I value happiness very highly!

Your kindness approach does not have to be big- is is just simply a level of common curtsey! The world is made a better place with a little more kindness spread around! 😉 Let’s support one another and look after our self- Be kind always, pleeeease!

There is no one day that can be designated to being kind, every day should be world kindness day! #BeKindAlways!! ❤️

Tag me @chlojackonhermac and #BEKINDALWAYS on twitter if you are on board with being kind always!

Thats all from me today!

Lots of love from

Chlo Jack!!


A lifestyle blog written by A Scottish Lassie

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