Plain Spud, to Chocolate Delight!

My Mumas Macaron Bar has been a well loved favourite by many people over the years. Many have asked her what her secret ingredients are?! Well….it’s pretty simple: a spud (potato), ice sugar, coconut and chocolate! That’s it!

The Recipe

This recipe is best carried out over 2 days, but the product can be made in one day if desired.

  • Wash, Peel and dice a potato and put on the stove with boiling water until soft.
  • Remove the potato from the pan and drain with a colander. Cool potato with cold water.
  • Once cool, mash it!
  • Continue to add icing sugar to the potato until forming a play- dough consistency.
  • Sprinkle a dusting of icing sugar on a clean work surface or chopping board and roll the “icing dough” out . Do not roll too thin, better thinker than thin.
  • Leave the dough to harden with a tea towel over the top to keep clean and dry. (It is these first few steps that mum does overnight.)
  • Toast coconut under a low heat under the grill. You could use a blow torch but it doesn’t give as nice a flavour. (Parental supervision required) Mums only once nearly burnt the house down! Word of advise watch the grill all times and keep on a low heat! Use oven gloves to remove the grill pan and toss the coconut and place back under the grill to ensure that all of the coconut has a nice golden colour.
  • Once icing is hardened – cut into random bits.
  • Have the coconut ready, and a plate or tray to put the macron on.
  • Melt the chocolate by breaking up the chocolate into little bits and putting in a ceramic or glass bowl. Put a small amount of boiling water in a pan and place on the heat with the chocolate bowl over the pan. Stir until melted.
  • One at a time using tongs dip a block of the icing base into the chocolate then coat with toasted coconut.
  • Leave to set -once set enjoy with a nice cuppa!

Tadahhhh! Plain Spud to Chocolate Delight!

I hope you have enjoyed this blog! Thank you for reading!

Lots of Love From

Chlo Jack!


“A Lifestyle Blog Written by A Scottish Lassie”

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