10 Ways to Sprinkle Kindness at Christmas..

Kindness at christmas


Hello All ! How are you ?

It is been a wee while since we last spoke… Some of life’s challenges were calling – but I am back know 🙂 Hey! 🙂 Hope your all doing well and getting excited for the festivities. (Santa is coming) eek! 🙂

What is your favourite thing about Christmas Time?

It is such a special time of year isn’t it?

My favourite thing about christmas is spending quality time with my family, enjoying and appreciating some good home cooked food, and giving a gift to my loved ones, oh and the queens speech 😛 (I joke ha!)

It’s a special time for most of us however it possible that a lot of us are so submerged in our busy lives, everyday commitments, priorities and ever day life challenges that we tend to forget to be kind to those around us, and bizarrely we sometimes also forget to be kind to ourselves too. Funny that isn’t’ it?

Around all the mayhem in our own lives, we forget that we live in a world with; wars, fights, discrimination, illness, cruelty, hate, spite, jealously, isolation, exclusion, sadness, greed, ruddiness, misunderstandings, distractions, mental health issues, conflict and poverty… the list goes on and on… The reality of this is that it affects us all at some point in our lives. More often than none, we are not aware of things that go on in each others lives.

To ask: “why cant we all just get along and be in a world of peace? Well that is just crazy, because without solidarity it is impossible! Have you EVER had that wish that you could just help everyone and everything that needs help or support in some way. I have, but sadly I know that it is not all that possible.

I know we might not be able to ‘Save the world‘, but we can all do our own little bit for society, by spreading a little kindness around. Kindness is valued so much more during the festive season. It is at this time of year especially all of societies destruction and hurt comes to the surface and we need to unite as a nation to support one another.


Kindness has always been a strong moral in my life. Having experienced a great deal of unkindness in my life I have so much more determination to ensure that others don’t feel that same hurt that I have encountered. Kindness is free and very effective.

The topic of kindness was brought to my attention in more light last week when I attended Carnagie Trusts Kindness Innovation Networking Event (KIN) in Glasgow. There were various professionals, individual representatives and young people (like me) from Young Scott who gathered together to discuss our thoughts and ideas on how we could make society a kinder place to live in. There was also discussion of the importance of delivering and receiving kindness, and importantly the barriers we could encounter on the journey to increase kindness.

Kindness impacts on the wellbeing of individuals and in time builds upon stronger communities. 

I have put together a small list on how to spread kindness and come together at Christmas. If we all delivered one random act of kindness a day wouldn’t you agree that the world would be such a better place to LIVE in?!

1. Smile 🙂

This is free and it’s completely contagious ! Smile at your neighbour, work colleague a person you pass by in the street.. That one act of kindness that could make a huge difference to someones life. (Sounds corny, but I am serious- spread happiness and just smile..) I am not suggesting we all go around with our jaws up to our ears every minute of every day, but a small smile in the passing of someone could mean a lot to somebody.

2.  Donating a small amount of food to a food bank

It is soul destroying that some families don’t have food at christmas, no one should be without food, especially at a time of year where families celebrate food. I donated a couple of tins of food to the food bank in Dundee and also in my local area. A few tins from each of us while your doing your food shop all adds up! (Saving the world in no time 😉 ) Go us!

3. Donating a toy to a child for christmas

I decided to donate £5 to Cash for Kids by texting MISSON on 70505. You have no idea how happy I feel knowing that I will have made a contribution to child’s wish coming true this Christmas. (I could cry).  Could you imagine the impact that would have on so many people if we could ALL do this!! I aint so flush myself, but honestly it doesn’t have to cost a lot to make a difference to someones happiness. Everything counts. 🙂 There are so many ways you could do this; as I mentioned just there the Cash for Kids charity have an appeal (MISSION CHRISTMAS), The Salvation Army have an appeal, the supermarkets have a collection trolley and sometimes the hospitals have a donation campaign too.

4. Give Blood

This is an important aspect a lot of us forget about. Often the cold weather, and winter colds and flus stop people from going out to give blood at this time of year. (I know this feeling). The blood donor centres still require blood donors at this time of year, often more so at this time of year. It takes half an hour or so of your time and you will be rewarded with a little biscuit for your contribution 😉 Visit the Give Blood website for more information.  Give Blood Website

 5. Look out for the elderly in the wintery weather

Keeping an eye out for the elderlies wellbeing when your out doing your grocery shopping and while in your neighbourhood is thoughtful. It’s nice just to check that they have everything they need to survive (food, running water, heating, relevant medicines) especially in this cold weather. It is also uplifting to raise there spirits with a little hello!

 6. Look after yourself

Wrap up warm, remember to order your relevant repeat prescriptions, take time to chill out and relax this festive season. It’s common to be drained at this time of year, so take some YOU time this christmas 🙂 Laugh, love and be merry ! ❤

7. Remember the animals too!

Whether it is supporting a local animal shelter (by donating, volunteering or foresting a pet), or looking after your own pooches – (loving and caring for them), or even just putting out a tray of  bird feed in the garden for the birds to munch on. Animals need kindness from humans too. 🙂

 8. Offer your time to volunteer at a charity of your choice.

A dog shelter, homeless shelter, food bank, hospital or a care home. Support is always greatly appreciated by charities.

9. The giving of a simple gift

Gifts don’t need to be expensive to show appreciation and kindness. It could be as simple as a homemade gift or a hand written time voucher. A time voucher is a voucher of your own time. Time for a loved one is valued so much, especially nowadays when there are so many distractions preventing us  from giving someone our time. The worst distraction being electronic devices!

10. Staying in contact with friends and family who might be lonely this christmas.

Loneliness is a horrible feeling and can be worse at christmas time, especially if you live by yourself or don’t have a wide connection of friends or family close by. Simply dropping a text, making a call or inviting them out for lunch or a wintery walk could make someones day. Please remember to include others and make them feel apart of something. Be kind.

So what do you say? Can you sprinkle a little bit of kindness around?

I would love to hear about your acts of kindness this Christmas 🙂

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and it is full of joy ❤

I will catch up with you all very soon.

Lots of Love From

Chlo Jack 



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