Fairly Tail Christmas in New York City…

new york city

“It’s beginning to look a lot like christmas” 😉

I have been watching Elf (my favourite christmas movie ever ever ever) haha ! It got me thinking about my trip to New York at Christmas back in 2016!  In fact most of the trip I spent reenacting the best scenes from Elf (Ama Dafty)! You only live once right?! (haha!)

Anyhoo, I thought seen as how it was almost Christmas I would share with you my one and only experience in the Big Apple.

As an extreme lover of ELF and Home Alone the Movie this was a pretty exciting adventure to embrace!

New York City at Christmas?!? OMG aaaa!

It’s an experience that a lot of people would dream of having, and I often do find myself reflecting and thinking, ” Sun of a nutcracker”, (elf quote), I can’t believe I have had this experience! 🙂

I am forever grateful that I have had the chance to experience New York City at it’s most magical, and romantic time of the year. ❤ Blessed.

The christmas trees and sky scrapers lights, ahh it is all very sparkly… 🙂 ❤

Unfortunately I was quite unwell during this trip and I really wish I had been able to really, ‘LIVE IT‘ and embrace it all a bit more! Never the less I dug deep and got out and about to explore this magical city! I knew it would be a once in a life time opportunity. It sure was!

Here are a few of the places, experiences and tips I would recommend to you if your planning to visit the Big Apple at Christmas or at anytime really 🙂 I have also rated these out of 5 stars. Five stars being the best and 0 being nae good at all.

Tips First 

  • Do your research before booking your trip. Read online review websites, contact travel agents, speak to friends and families about their experiences and read blogs (like this) can help too :P, 
  • Save up and ensure to bring plenty spendolas on your trip. It is advisable to divide your funds amongst: food, excursions and shopping. (You will see a lot of lovely things that you just cant resist squeezing in your suit case to take home).
  • Plan your trip well. There is rather a lot to see and do in the city so it is important to prioritise all that you and your travel buddy want to see and do! Might be useful to make a list of everything you’d like to see and do. 🙂 Make it an experience to remember!
  • Bring/ wear sensible walking shoes. You will walk for miles and miles up and down various streets and avenues. (NYC is mahoosivvve!)
  • Invest in insurances. Health care is very expensive in the states. It is better safe than sorry!
  • Capture the moments on camera but also try and just LIVE IT and enjoy the moment.
  • All the restaurants with an “A” rating in the window are the BEST hygein ratings apparently.  I wouldn’t go any less! (The pizza shop next to the Paramount IS awesome!). Tasted enough of the NY pizza- we pretty much lived on the cheesy- douhylisious stuff! <(New chlo word).

Experiences and Places


The Paramount Hotel New York City (3/ 5)

Credit Photography Paramount

Stylish feel to this hotel, however I felt a little over dressed at christmas dinner in the hotel restaurant. From their photos online I thought it was a “scrub up doo”!  Oops my bad.. nice to laugh about now though lol

christmas tree in nyc

Being my daft self-  I was rather tickled by drinks menu. Sipping on a ‘Chloe Prosecco’ ! Hehe! Travel to NYC and you might find a drink named after you lol!

chloe prosecco

Thousands of miles from home but there was still a little home tradition..<3

Christmas Stocking, a little tree and some Christmas cards  !!

christmas stockings in NYC

Must Sees!!

Main Street City Centre (5/5)

It is just awesome at night time with the whole city lit up. Such a vibrant city !

Main street of new york

Madame Tussaud’s…(5/5)

The closest you will ever get to meeting the Super Stars in New York City! Chlo and Bond – James Bond 😉

Empire State Building (5/5)

new york city

I have heard of people visiting the empire state building both in the day time and at night time. If I am honest my experience of the views of New York skyline at night were just magical and I would definitely recommend visiting the Empire State Building in the evening.

Trump Tower (3/5)

This was an interesting place, trumps hoose! Gorgeous Christmas trees, cafes, restaurants and a few little shops. (The cafe was ultra expensive) Also, expect to have your bags and possessions checked before entering the building . The security take the safety of everyone and the building very seriously, and so they should. 🙂 There is also a little decking area there which you can sit out on (if it’s not too cold).

Christmas tree trump tower

Rockefeller Center (4/5)

The outside of the Rockefeller centre is amazing! The christmas tree is just incredible.

rockafeller center

Liberty Island (5/5)

liberty island .jpg

A little cruse is ideal for viewing the sky scrapers and Lady Liberty.

lady liberty

Grand Central Station (4/5)

You don’t need to catch a train or anything to visit Grand Central Station. It was just fun to see where various movies scenes have taken place over the years- Madagascar being one 😛


Broadway Babyyy! (4/5)

My goodness you cannot go all the way to New York without experiencing broadway! To really enjoy this experience to the fullest, it is ideal to have enough spendolas to view the show that you dream of seeing. Also for this experience booking tickets in advance is advisable. Overall this is a MUST when you go to NYC!

Tiffany’s (5/5)

I honestly thought you could eat breakfast at Tiffany’s, turns out people say that because of a story of a lady who was eating her breakfast outside the very high end jeweler shop. (Wow I feel daft now lol) Well turns out it is now possible to eat breakfast at Tiffany’s. Very gutted I missed this opportunity haha!  I did however happen to purchase a little bracelet to remember my time there ( it did however come with a rather large price tag) Not half as expensive of some of the things in that store.  You should just experience the vibe in that store though! Watch were you walking and what you touch is all I can say. (Breakable things everywhere). You are escorted in the lifts it is great.


Star Bucks Breakfast

Never mind a Tiffany’s  at breakfast.. you will fit in nicely with all the New Yorkers if you have a Starbucks breakfast 😛 New York bagel and a latte lol

World Trade Centre- 9/11 Memorial (5/5)

This experience still has a very close memory in my heart. ❤ It was an emotional experience. We paid out respect by laying a red rose, and to our surprise it must have touched others hearts as it attracted a lot of the tourists attention. Most of the roses on the memorial were white. Photography of our roses were spread widely across Social Media that week. I must say I am humble and blessed to have had the opportunity to show my respect at this memorial.

World trade center 9:11 Memorial

Central Park (5/5)

Wow Central park is a lot bigger in real life compared to the movies lol

I loved central park, there was an ice rink, however the queue was longer than you could ever imagine!

Central PARK

There were squirrels everywhere in NYC! There is actually a photo of me sitting on a bench with a squirrel close up taking a nut out my hand. Actual highlight, is all I can say haha ! Yes, you heard right, the 9 and half hour flight to New York was all worthwhile because I got to feed a squirrel in the park (hahaha! What can I say I am easy pleased!

I am gutted I couldn’t share that photo with you, I am not sure where it is :\


Street Life..

There is certainly a lot to see, do and experience ! Look at this little guy though.. You get to see some weird and wonderful things in New York City! 🙂

There is just sooooo much to see and do in this magical city this blog could go on and on!

Take it all in..

Live in the moment, and live that moment to the fullest. Make it an amazing experience for yourself because one day it will just be a memory. Make it a good one ❤


Anyways that is all for now, I will be back on Chlo Jack on Her Mac again soon!

Please feel free to leave any questions about NYC and I will do my best to answer 🙂

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year ! Hope you all enjoy the festivities ❤

Lots of Love from 

Chlo Jack 


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