My Merry Little Christmas!

Hello everyone ! I hope you have all enjoyed your christmas, and santa was very generous to you! 😛

I am not one for big extravaganza. I was just happy and content enjoying a quiet little Christmas with my little family (my mum, my dad and my 3 dogs).

Despite the hard hitting colds we all have had christmas was filled with; eating good food, watching movies, playing board games like: Bingo, (I am the worst bingo caller ever “Two little ducks twenty Two“), Monopoly, (every family has a top Monopoly cheat I swear it is not me!) Scrabble (the next time I play this I will attempt to place more extravagant words on the board instead of basic words such as “PC” haha ). Have you ever played UNO? Well I learnt how to play that this Christmas and I must say it is my new favourite board game now, UNO!! 

As always, my mum created a gorgeous spread of Christmas delights for us all (see below!)

Little Christmas Gifts..

I was very grateful to receive some lovely little gifts this christmas. All of the gifts that I have received seem to tell a little story about who I am as a person…

Christmas gifts 2018

This little collage of photos consist of the following: (Body Shop Grapefruit bath bomb, (the most amazing smell ever) a lemon Yankie Candle, (It smells like lemon sherbet sorbet, I could eat it), delicious chocolate lollies from the new Chocolate shop in Invergowrie, (it’s called Tempered, I totally Recommended! ). There is a very inspirational notebook which says “Don’t count the days Make the days count”, (I have already started planning next year goals and new blogs in this note book) I love new stationary, thank you Lindsay ! :* ❤ There is a beautiful watch there (which is my favourite bluey colour (can you tell I love that colour :P) A much loved VW camper van mug. Cute little handmade pearl looking hair grips (Handmade by crafty wee birdie). A handmade candle from the Isle of Mull, an oil diffuser which is blue (surprise surprise) and a little slate which says; “In a world where you could be anything, be yourself “.  The little bowl says “Adventure Awaits”.  A car air fresheners, which is my favourite and most well used emoji (the cheeky looking monkey) Lastly in the corner there is a little picture of a dogo holding a little heart balloon (which I love because it makes me think of my pooches)…  🙂

❤ It is the little things that make me happy ❤

My favourite little gifts..

The best christmas Gifts of 2018.jpg

The little fabric heart bracelet is handmade by the same crafter who made the little hair grips (crafty wee birdie). The elephant was handmade by my bestie Ashling 😉 Elephants are my favourite animal (as well as dogs and sea creatures). The stationary there is a weekly organiser pad and and  a “lots to do” note pad and pencil (I will be organised in 2019 😉 ). The little yellow soap box is filled with paper soap which is a fantastic little essential. I am a serious clean freak and really cannot stand when I am anywhere that doesn’t have soap, so this is a perfect little soap to keep in my handbag or pocket. The heart POM Boutique scarf is so gorgeous and soft. I love this. It is very funny because on christmas morning my mum opened the gift that I gave her and we found that we had bought the exact same scarf (twinys). ❤ We must have the same taste 😉 Lastly, the 2019 Diary! I am so glad to have this, not only because I need a diary to keep myself on track and organised, but because I am just so HAPPY to be leaving 2018 and moving forward into a NEW YEAR! A YEAR WITH NEW: goals, gratitude’s, lessons, opportunities and adventures !!! This being said takes me nicely on to my next blog: COMING SOON!

Thats all for now! 🙂

Lots of love from

Chlo Jack 


(I would love to hear about any little gifts that you received this christmas and that mean something special to you – Please don’t be shy just comment bellow x )

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