The Best Bits of 2018

Halooo again!

I promised you one more blog from 2018!

Well here it is, lets round this year up with the Best Bits of 2018 shall we!

It is no lie that this year has been a tough one, despite this, I have still found a lot to be grateful for and that has made me smile.. It has been a year of progression that has taught me a lot and that has set me up ready for a NEW YEAR with; new goals, gratitude’s, opportunities, adventures and lessons to be learnt! Bring it on!!!!

Through out the year I have collected little memories and gratitudes in a jar and I opened the jar this morning (last day of the year). There were a lot to get through!

My Best bits of 2018 (What were yours ?)

best bits of 2018

  1. Lost those that needed loosing.
  2. Completed two 5 k raises for 2 different charities.
  3. Abseiled down the Forth Rail bridge for charity.
  4. Won best in show at a summer dog show.
  5. Experienced the amazing Ed Sheeran perform and his epic guest performers.
  6. Experienced Rita Ora’s amazing show talent at Dundee’s Slessor Garden.
  7. Traveled solo to visit Hev on the Isle of Lewis and Harris.
  8. Experienced the life of a wigwam and visited the Isle of Mull with ma mam ❤
  9. Experienced epic water sport, Paddle boarding!
  10. Spent more special memories with my beloved dogos.
  11. Graduated with a Masters Degree and spent my graduation day with my 2 rocks ❤
  12. Became apart of a 2nd family (my soul sistaa singing family). In fact the finally of this will take place tonight where I will perform for the last time with them at the Edinburgh Street Party! Tune into BBC 1 Tonight! 

2019 I am ready for you !! New year, new goals, new opportunities, new adventures!! (NEW BLOGS)!!

Thats all for 2018 I wish you all the best for your New Year; lots of happiness, wealth and good health! ❤

And now thats all to be said is, out with the OLD and in with the NEW!

Speak to you all next year 😉

Lots of Love from

Chlo Jack 


(I would love to see your comments below about your best bits of 2018 x )

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