VIP for one night only…

3 – 2 – 1 !

Happy New Year ! 🙂

Hello there ! How are you doing ?

First blog of the New Year ! (Woo hooooo!)

I hope you all had a really great Hogmanay!

I had an absolutely incredible Hogmanay! An experience that I will never ever forget! Can you believe that the buzz that I got this Hogmanay did’t even involve a single drop of alcohol! (Crazy right!)

Well let me tell you! It was the art of MUSIC, and SOLIDARITY that gave me a wicked rush!

I was only signing to 80,000 people along side my Soul Sistass at the Edinburgh Street Party. Might I also add that we were singing on the same stage which Jerry Cinnamon performed on. (Ah what, I know!)  Strutting my stuff in the VIP section with my VIP badge and blue beanie hat (people were calling us “The Smurfs” all night, ha !)  😛 To be fair we did look like a parade of Smurfs, but we rocked that look!

My one quick moment of fame..

At one point I lost my group on the way to our stage and there was just 5 minutes before I was due on stage, so I ran like the clappers down the performers pathway. (No way was I going to miss this experience!) Meanwhile during my harefooted sprint: To the left of me the public were watching and cheering “go go go!”  across the fence! (I felt like I was late to my own show) haha! (My own wee Jess Glynn fame moment 😛 ) (Hehe- It’s okay to dream isn’t it, ha! But really though, wouldn’t it just be amazing to have such a iconic sounding voice and your own fame. I really wish I had the guts to sing solo (more like had the voice) to sing solo, haha!


The city is so vibrant at Hogmanay, people everywhere smiling and laughing and just enjoying themselves, and the lights, (WOW) they are so bright and colourful. There is literally something going on ever corner of this Big City Party! An an incredible amount to see and hear ! (In one ear you have a bit of rock and roll and in the other you have a ceilidh (heel toe, heel toe 1,2,3). Not to mention in the corner of your left eye you have floating light up figures going on. (Ah it is just insane). So much to see and hear!  An experience that I recommend everyone embraces at some point in their life.

hogmanay edinburgh street party 2018

It was just incredible to experience the buzz of the crowd though, (they sure loved us). We sung 3 times; at 9pm we sung “Say a little prayer”, at 10pm we sung “Lady Marmalade” (love a bit of a sassy belt it out song), and then lastly at 11pm our trade song, “We are Family”.  After each performance we got a firework display as well a hefty round of applause. In fact on our last performance we got a call for an on core (haha!)

To end the night…and the year.

So if that wasn’t enough the bells rang at Midnight and before I knew it it was 2019! 🙂

2019 was brought in with an epic display of fireworks! The whole sky was lit from the top of the Edinburgh Castle !  (Click here to view a clip of the display on my insta page). I have never seen fireworks quite like it in my life! (Amazing, just incredible!) A great start to 2019!  If that wasn’t cool enough I was also standing in the right place to be interviewed by Sky News (like what)!

fireworks edinburgh street party 2018:19

It sounds like a bizarre dream haha !


But, one of the best things from the experience was meeting new people and making new friends within the choir. I am thankful to Got Soul for this incredible opportunity. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the founder and everyone involved with making Got Soul exist, and also for making the incredible opportunities possible (like this one).  If Got Soul floats your boat please see this link here to find out more! There are groups held in various locations. I would also be very happy to answer any questions about my experience within this Soul choir.


Anyways here is to many exciting and new experiences in 2019!

Lot’s of love from

Chlo Jack ! 


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