The Silver Darling Aberdeen: 5 Star Review.

The silver Darling is a modern and bright fine dining fish restaurant located down by the Quay in Aberdeen.

silver darlings
This Photo belongs to the Silver Darling Restaurant.

It certainly is a family favourite and a definite ‘go to” on celebration occasions.

My most recent visit to the Silver darling was on my Graduation Day, which was in December. As usual, it didn’t disappoint. I always have time to visit a fish restaurant especially to dine with a view!

The Food

Starters: Loch Fyne Hot Smoked Salmon Roulade

This was so delicious full of flavour, hints of lemon and pepper. It was a very smooth texture. It was just too easy to eat! My mother and I both chose this and enjoyed it.

salmon roulade
Photo owned by ChloJackonHerMac

Catch of the day: Monkfish and Fresh Green Salad-

This was my fathers choice of starter. However trying it, it was a delicious freshly caught pan seared dish and delivered oodles of flavour and textures. Again just too easy to eat.

monkfish starter
Photo owned by ChloJackonHerMac

Main: Soul Goujons (Parmesan and Seaweed breadcrumbs, hand cut chips. caramelised lime, salsa verde mayonnaise and local leaf salad.)

This dish was very filling, but ever so tasty. The soul goujons were cooked to perfection. So soft that they actually melted in my mouth. The wee hint of cheese just hit the spot! The caramelised lime, salsa verde mayonnaise complemented the fish very well and was a nice change from the traditional tartar sauce which is normally accompanied with fish. The green salad was fresh and crisp and worked well with the flavours of the fish and salsa verde mayo. The hand cut chips were fluffy and Moorish and seasoned very well.

soul goujons .jpg
Photo owned by ChloJackonHerMac

We were so full after the first 2 course we stopped there. Desert next time!

The wine

I had a glass of la brouette rose, producteurs plaimont tolosan which is from France.  This wine is very fruity and fresh with hints of wild strawberry. I could also taste a hints of lemon and blueberry in this rose. A very crisp and easy wine to drink.

Photo owned by ChloJackonHerMac

Staff and Service

Very polite and attentive staff on duty. Made the fine dining experience more enjoyable and relaxing.


Very beautiful atmosphere. A very clean environment and welcoming light. The views of the north sea from the restaurant are just incredible. Occasionally you can spot a dolphin at sea, which makes the experience more special. We didn’t spot a dolphin on this occasion, however we did spot a very cute boat pass by the window which had my name on it! If thats not a good omen I don’t know what is ! Dine with a view thats for sure!

chloe boat.jpg
Photo owned by ChloJackonHerMac


There is a wide selection on the menu. The menu varies and there is always new innovative special dishes of the day created by the restaurants top quality chefs. Price ranges from £15-£60 for a main course.  To view the menus on their website just click here.


It is a rather expensive restaurant, however it is value for money. What you must remember is that the produce served is locally sourced so it is as fresh as it comes, and also you are not only paying for the food, but for the fine dining experience.

Seating availability

It was graduation day the day I was dining so most tables were booked. To dine at this restaurant it is defiantly advisable to book in advance. There are about 10 + tables. We had booked a window seat looking across the north sea however the booking got a little muddled so we missed out on that seat. Maybe next time though 🙂

To round up: I hope that you enjoy your experience at the Silver Dining restaurant should you decide to give it a try. For more information on this excellent little fine dining restaurant click here to view their website.

Thats all for now..

Lots of Love from

Chlo Jack


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