Rita Ora Gig LIVE In The Summer Scottish Rain!

Hey Everyone !!

This summer is just getting better and better AND my SUMMER bucket list is just getting smaller and smaller !!! Saying that, this experience was ALSO one to tick off my LIFE BUCKET LIST too ! I have always wanted to see Rita Ora LIVE! And now I HAVE !!

♥       ♥      ♥


Have you every seen Rita Ora LIVE? Okay maybe you have.. but have you ever seen Rita Ora LIVE in the pouring summer rain in Scotland?! Well I did AND it was the best experience ever!

in the rain

And When it rains in Scotland, it sure does pour!

in the rin
Said by a true Scotswomen!


The weather threw us all because we have had such an incredible heatwave for weeks, and typically when there is an outdoor event on, it rains… The sun was out and the rain was holding back for most of the concert.. it was as soon as Rita was due to come on stage that the Heaven’s opened and the summer slosh started!!


selfie rita


wet wet

E M B R A C E  I T  A L L ! ! !


I LOVED EVERY MINUTE ! I embraced this full experience in my wee jump suit.. I was jumping up and down like a jelly bean singing and dancing to the top of my voice, (to the point I lost it) because that is what HAVING FUN AND LIVING is all about!! I am Living Life to the fullest ! The rain didn’t’ dampen the positive concert vibe at all!

♥ Summer Concert Look ♥

concert look
Full Festival Look!

Photo taken before the rain 😛

The concert looks gotta be spoken about because it is apart of the experience. I went for the fullll summer concert look: Summer Jump suit, converse, mini french side plate and curls, and full on HAPPY & EXCITED smile 😉  (Minus the wellies) ! I left my wellies in the car thinking the sun was going to stay out and the rain would hold back for the whole night!

Jump suit purchased from Amber Krystal a few years ago !

♥Gig Gilr Haurrr ! ♥



♥Holly’s First Gig ♥


This was my little cousins first live gig ever ! I think she had an amazing time ! ♥

concert crowd

I think Holly’s Dad, Councillor Ross, (whom is also my cousin) also enjoyed himself at the summer gig! It was great to share this experience with my family, as well as my friend Ash who’s on the left there in that photo ❤

Rita’s Perfomance…♥

There was no RAIN CHECK for this GIG!! NUH UH!! 😉

rita 1

Oh my word… WHAT- A – PERFORMANCE !!! She was JUST incredible (lil squeal) hehe!

She sang alllll the right songs ! TBH when she left the stage WE all thought she would come back for an on core, she was THAT good !

And lets just take a minute to appreciate that outfit !!♥ !! OMG Wow I LOVVVE IT ! She certainly brought it to Scotland with that: Yellow Tartan Skirt, Groovy tights.. and that Cute Wee Red Beanie Hat ! I wish I could get away with hitting this look off ! haha!

rita 8

Rita also took to the stage as a top wing woman for the proposal of a local couple who got HITCHED on stage.. and she even gave them a bunch of flowers to congratulate them!! 😛  Awww I love how cute concerts are becoming.. I was recently at Ed Sherran’s Concert and there were several proposals there too! That melted my heart to goo! (Sigh) ♥

(Dear Future Husband… if your reading this..please don’t hold back on how you propose to me, yah? 😛 I am totally open for the question being popped spontaneously)! Haha ! 😛 #Easygirltoplease  😉 ❤ hehe!

We were super lucky to see Rita though, because her flight was canceled so she had to take a train and get a special police escort to Slessor Gardens, she only got there by a slim hair !

rita 5

 Wake up Webester, woke us all up !


The gig was presented by the one and only duo; Webster and Claire who kept the crowed buzzed up while the sets were being changed around and they had the honour of presenting the acts! Take a look at their video on the night (click here to view).

Support Acts

♦ S I G M A ♦

The base went right through my beating heart as I bopped my head up and down and raised my arm up and down in the air to the rhythm! Agh, just incredible ! Their music brought a real summer vibe to our lives at this gig!sigma 2

♠ I T  W A S  A L L  F LA M E S  A N D  S M O K E ! ♠

sigma 1

I am actually really thankful to have experienced a performance from Sigma, as well as Rita Ora and the other support acts..This is a memorable experience that I most defiantly won’t forget anytime soon!

I have posted a few videos from their performance on my Instagram profile which you can view to get a feel of what the experience was like ! My insta link is at the beginning of my webpage 🙂 ⇑

sigma .jpg


EEK ! I saw MNEK! 😛


My favourite song from MNEK was Never Forget Youuuu! 🙂

 ♥ Hannah Jane Lewis ♥

hannah jane lewis

Hannah Jane Lewis, not as well known artist, but I really dig her music! ♥  It’s really soulful music! I have quite a few of her choons on my July Playlist this month 😉 Aftershock, being a well known favourite! It would have been really great to hear a few more of her songs ! This performance was kinda short and sweet !

Pre Gig Tea! 😛

pre gig tea

Food has to be spoken about .. cause it always does in a Chlo Jack blog..it’s just natural discussion.. haha ! Anyways yes, my pre gig tea was a Domino’s pizza.  I haven’t eaten a takeaway type meal like this since last year (no seriously, no kidding) anyways this tea led me to my fate of my next adventure to tick off the bucket list.. and yah it will no doubt be the result of another blog post! Believe me your gonna want to see this !   Check it out ⇓


How COOOOOLLL does this look! Guys it’s got a ZIP SLIDE on water!!!! Whatttt?!?! I am sooo doing this !! Anyone that wants to come with me on this.. lets hitch up !! 😛 What a laugh this could be !! So watch this space… 😉

Anyways that is all from me ! It’s fair to say that I am glad this gig didn’t have a rain check on it because boi it was full of sunshine and great fun!! An experience never to be forgotten ! ♥

Take it easy!

Lots of love from 

Chlo Jack 


P.S Please remember to like my post and follow my blog! Also I would real love to hear from you! Please don’t be shy !  It was real great to receive a couple comments in my last post (Thank you) ! ❤ 


2 thoughts on “Rita Ora Gig LIVE In The Summer Scottish Rain!

  1. We were there too! It was a great gig, good to see so many folk enjoying what Dundee has to offer. A real buzz around the city on Saturday. X

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for your comment Elaine! I totally agree !! Dundee is giving us more and more which is great for the locals ! Oh yeah for sure, it was a great summer buzz, even when the rain was falling! 😄 X


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