Top tips for BBQing on the Beach!

Heyyya again !!

on da beach

Wow what a summer it has been so far ! It has been so bright and very very warm in Scotland! It has come as a bit a shock to all of us Scotts !!  Haha! We should be lapping it up.. but there is always one Scotsman/woman who grumbles that “it is far too hot”! 😛  Come winter time we will ALL be complaining, “it’s far too cold” ! ahaha ! I must say despite the awesome heatwave we have really needed the rain and thunder and lighting storms that we had the last few days to freshen the air up! Anyways, enough weather talk … there is more interesting things to discuss now.. 😛

Adventure to Lunan Bay Beach ! ♥


Well, I have defiantly made the most of the sunny and hot weather this year and I am well and truly getting through my summer 2018 bucket list that I wrote in back in May ! What a time I have had so far !  My latest adventure was a BBQ on Lunan Bay beach, so I thought it would be relevant to give you a few tips on BBQing on the beach and show you my adventure …: 🙂


Tips for BBQing on the Beach

1. Plan According To The Weather Forecast

No one wants to turn up to the beach with their BBQ and beach chair to find it’s raining cats and dogs! Haha!  Okay we can’t predict the weather, but we can check the forecast on our phone, or better still the met offices weather forecast website. The forecast on that site is pretty reliable… Click here to view the website.


2. Pick The Best Beach To Go To.

I chose Lunan Bay.. which is just 17.5 miles from where I live.. It is located on coast of Angus and is 3 miles from Montrose next to a small village called .

It is an east facing beach with incredible sand dunes and low cliffs which protects the forefront of the beach from the wind. I am honestly so thankful to have this gorgeous location right on my door step !

beach 4

♥ ♥ ♥

sand castel

There is a castle which was originally built for King William to defend against the vikings .. so a little bit history on this beach too. It is also known to be fantastic location for bird watching and surfing! Surfs up !!


Lunan Bay has a gorgeous walk.. there is the whole beach and then further along there is a fresh water area.. which is great for dog walking  and paddling 🙂 So it is fair to say we choose a best beach in the area !

fresh water


A cute dogo I met at the beach !

♥ ♥ ♥


3. Take Good Food With You.. Especially Top Quality BBQ Meat !

This is most important thing on the BBQ tip list , because good food is everything! So, to follow through on this top tip I purchased the best of the best local sausages and burgers from the one and only Bannermans Butcher ! I rate this butcher very very highly! Not only is the quality of food the freshest and full of flavor, the service is second to none! You always get service with a smile and a good laugh with these butcher lads ! Highly recommend this local butcher. Check out their website here to find out more about this top notch local business located in Inverbervie.

♦ ♦ ♦

bannermans produce
Yummmmm !!! Bannerman Butchars Fresh Local meat produce!

Lil Treats !

4. Bring The Essential Equipment

Okay make sure you pack the following:

  • A disposable BBQ (£3.99 at the Local Supermarket)
  • Matches – To light the fire
  • Safety water- In the event you start a fire (Please try not to start a fire)
  • Cardboard for putting under the BBQ and to put at the side as a wind deflector (or you could use a sand wind deflector)
  • Spatula (for flippin your food on the girddle)
  • Tongs (Food tool)
  • Napkins and wipes (if your a messy puppy like me) 🙂
  • picnic basket with cool blocks (to keep the food fresh)
  • Blanket or chairs (we forgot blanket, luckily I had some scarfs and jumpers in the car)
  • A towel to dry yer feet after going in the sea
  • Paper plates (We used Christmas ones) haha!
  • Cutlery
  • Water to keep hydrated (Especially if its hot)
  • Sun shades !


5. Light The BBQ Like A Pro

Okay this is often a tricky event, especially in high winds… I used my cardboard to defend from the wind and lit the corner of the disposable paper inside the disposable BBQ with a match.. and hey presto BBQ lit like a pro! 🙂


6. Make Sure You Cook The Food Properly!

No one wants to be sitting on the loo after the BBQ event so make sure you cook that good quality meet thoroughly until it is no longer pink! No matter how hungry you are it is worth waiting until it is cooked properly..

7. Watch Out For The Jelly Fish !

Something a lot of people don’t think of when they are running in and out the sea is the stingy jellys that are floating about .. near the shore ! They are very close to where people are running in and out.. watch out for them because a sting from one of these is the result of a trip to A and E! So please just bare and mind when your soaking up the rays and playing in the see these little stingy guys are floating about 😛

jelly fish

8. Slap The Sun Cream On!!

Please please please make sure you slap the suncream on EVERYWHERE!! I put suncream on everywhere apart from my back, and yes, I snizzeled and burned and it’s not pleasant ! You can pick up sun cream for a couple of pounds in the Supermarket or chemist !

sun bathe 4
sun burn

9. Leave The Beach As You Found It !

Please remember to take all your rubbish and put it in the correct bins that are provide on the beach or take it home and dispose correctly ! Some beaches pride themselves on the cleanliness of the beach, so please don’t be that person that ruins that ! Only takes a couple moments to look after our beaches beauty and the wildlife’s wellbeing 🙂


beach 2

So as soon as the sun is back get along to Bannerman’s Butcher for your fresh local burgers and sausages, pack the Instant BBQ, a towel and sun cream (the saftey water,, just incase 😛 ) and head on down and hit your local beach with your friends! (P.S remember the matches and a blanket 😉 )

Have a great time !!

Onto the next summer adventures !! I’ll be back soon 😉

Lots of love from

Chlo Jack!


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