5 Weeks in to my 4 year Nursing Journey…

Hallo! I hope you are keeping well!

It’s been a little while since I posted my last blog post but it honestly doesn’t feel that long ago…

Where do I begin? 😂 Well to be really honest I probably can’t afford to be writing this blog as I have mahoosive amounts of course work to be doing! 😂 However I just finished hosting my first Meet and Greet event for the Nursing Society and I was in the mood for writing… 🙂 So I thought I could update my lovely audience on how the my first month has been of my Nursing Journey 🙂 I have also been advised on many occasions by my folks to take a break and a bit more time for myself because I am over studying… Admittedly they are right (lol). Breaks are a super important part of the of the studying process.

WOW well I have learnt an immense amount in 4 weeks! I have already achieved a lot too which I am really delighted about! As many of you may have noticed I have been posting wee snapshots of my journey via my socials particular via Twitter! If you haven’t seen these snapshots and you would like to you are most welcome to follow my socials. (There is a mixture or photos, captions and a mini vlog). You can also find them down the right hand side of the main page of my website too.

I am throughly enjoying the course so far!! 🙂 I have learnt a massive range of topics so far: Models and Frameworks of Nursing, Nursing process (applied to case studies), Anatomy and physiology of the body, the importance of communication, Medication calculations (I actually love these)- I cant believe I am saying that! Oh you also may have noticed the 2 contact days I had a few weeks ago. I had a manual handling training session with NHS Grampian which was really informative and of course good fun too! We learnt about the correct ways to manoeuvre patients and equipment and the ways in which to protect your back- use your legs! We practiced using the hoist equipment and operating hospital beds.

If I had to name one thing I took away from the manual handling session it would be to BOP and slide during every manual handling task to prevent doing my back. 😂

I have to say that the Clinical skills was just the best through! I really loved that! We learnt about the Aseptic non touch technique which was one of my favourite parts of the day, we then moved on to practice Basic Life Support; across the lifespan. We had the chance to learn this using the manikins. This was great too! Such an awesome skill for anyone to have. Lastly we moved on learning about NEWS (National Early Warning Score) which is a form of assessment used within adult hospital wards to asses if a patient requires any care intervention. Also within the clinical skills session we practiced the skills we would need to perform this assessment. This included practicing taking a blood pressure, a temperature, a pulse and measuring oxygen levels. Overall it was a really great and informative day and I throughly enjoyed it. The teaching was just superb!

This is just a few examples of what we have been learning… we would be here until next week if I typed it all. lol

It was also really great to meet a few of my class mates as well because up until then we only met online; due to Covid. I must say we really are a tight bunch despite the restrictions Covid has inflicted upon our 1st semester! They really are an awesome bunch! 🙂

I have uploaded my mini Vlog for anyone who hasn’t seen in. Excuse my sweaty mess after the session lol

Anyway that is all I have for now… I have a few exams to prepare for now.. so look out for my little snapshots of my nursing journey on my socials and any blogs that may just appear around the mahoosive work load!:) Might I add before go…. Although things seem absolutely peachy here this is by no means a reflection that I am sailing with pure ease. Ha! There have most definitely been challenges faced already! Which is what I would expect from a Nursing Degree. So if you are a Nursing student reading this right now you will know that this is not an easy ride and neither was it meant to be… We will get through it together through! 🙂 (Always 1 step at a time!) The messy photo is the reality and thats okay! 🙂

I just want to leave you with a quote which I came across in one of my nursing readings at the beginning of my course which I really like and will take with me on this journey….

“We have to change within our selfs in order to get to the places that we want to reach, or even just to cope with the places in which we find our self.”

Chlo Jack


“A Life Style Blog Written by a Scottish Lassie”

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