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Hey guys, 2 blogs in one week woweee!

The reason I am bringing you this blog today is because I was asked by Dr Bain to write a piece about the Nursing Society for the school Newsletter before Mondays newsletter edition, and in fact I had actually planned to write about this topic at some point anyways.. so here goes….

I was delighted to hold our first RGU Meet and Greet session recently. This was a great chance for both the committee members and society members to meet one another. We had a mini ice breaker, mini quiz and a shared some of the event ideas we have as a society for the coming months. This was also a great chance for the society members to voice what they would like to see from the society too and ask any questions.

About the RGU Nursing Society

The Nursing Society is led by a student nurses committee and is designed for Student Nurses and Alumni’s to be involved. You can meet this years committee below. 🙂 This Society is fairly new, it has only been running for around 2 years now. It’s aim is to bring likeminded people together to network, have discussions, socialise and learn new things within the Nursing profession. *The society also participates in promotion of the University, society and nursing profession in the wider community.

Nursing Society Committee

The benefits of being apart of the Nursing Society

You can expect to be apart of a nursing community by meeting new people and making new nursing friends. You have the opportunity to attend various types of events led by the Nursing Society, from educational events, to social events and charity events. In fact we have many ideas in our minds eye already for the coming months. Due to the restrictions many of these event will be online based. We have plans to create student led information events, interactive online webinars with qualified professionals from various fields and we also have plans for some fun social events too. You will also be guaranteed to have the opportunity to learn new things at the various events throughout the year. The Nursing committee are also responsible for organising the Nursing Ball, which unfortunately due to Covid have been cancelled this year sadly. 😦 We are also looking forward to launching our Nursing Society jumper/hoodies which are a great keep sake and will also keep you warm in the winter too. Keep your eyes peeled for more information on this soon!

One point I am sure all committee members of a society would endeavour to highlight is that although the committee members have volunteered to run the society; we too are students with the same volume of work as every other student undertaking a nursing course so we would really appreciate if you could keep this in your thoughts and know that we will be trying our very best to bring you the very best the society members society experience. 🙂

How to join the Nursing Society.

RGU:Union | ESN RGU Aberdeen

The main point of call for any of the societies within Robert Gordon University is the RGU Union.

If you would like to join the society as a member please click here to follow the link to secure your membership of £5 for the year and the RGU Union will add you to the Societies Microsoft Teams Group on receiving your membership fee. 🙂

There will also be opportunities for society members to get involved in helping with events etc so look out on out socials for volunteer help call outs 🙂

For any questions direct to the committee you can reach us on the Nursing Society MS Teams group or alternatively you can email us on and of course on social media.

I think that all thats left to say is if you are a student nurse studying at RGU we as a committee look forward to you joining the society and enjoy this added part to your student experience.

Chlo Jack

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