Quayside National Fish and Chip Winner!

Theres no time to say hello, lets dive straight into this one!

Quayside Fish and Chip restaurant is just, outstanding!! Great quality and taste of food, excellent service and a very enjoyable ambiance ! Take a look at my experience below!

I had a not so enjoyable experience at a restaurant in Aberdeen on my bday! (I shall not name the restaurant, but it was awful)! The experience at the Quayside restaurant was outstanding and certainly made up for the disappointment on my birthday! Thank you Quayside!


Quayside Restaurant and Fish and Chip Bar is located in Gourdon, which is a small fishing village situated on the coast of Aberdeenshire in Scotland. Also known by the locals as; “Gurdin“! I myself am one of those locals! The Restaurant and Fish bar is situated down by the harbour and looks onto the North Sea. It was dark when we visited, but on a clear afternoon or summers evening what a view there is to be seen! Here is a photo I took from the hill a few summers ago! Breath taking is’t it!

There is even binoculars to check the view out!

Award winning!

What makes this restaurant even more special is that out of ALL the fish and chip restaurants that could have been awarded the National Fish and Chip Award in 2018 and 2019, it was the fish and chip restaurant in my home village that was awarded the National Fish and Chip Award of 2018 and 2019! (Yes, I am just a little bit proud of this). They have been awarded a number of other awards which you are welcome to view here!

The Food

There is a lot to choose from on the menu, but really you wouldn’t go to an award winning fish and chip restaurant to try anything else other than the delight of their fresh fish! Ahh just mouth watering! It is the freshest of the fresh! A little touch that I also admired was that they served the tartar sauce in little sea shells. (It’s the little things) 🙂


An incredible starter! Stornoway black pudding fritters served with salad and sweet chill sauce ! It was absolutely delicious ! So fresh and easy to eat! Of course Stornoway black pudding is the best of the best! It was also a very nice sized portion! 😉 Very Moreish!


Fresh fish and chips, served with mushy peas! The fish and batter was cooked to perfection! Lovely crisp batter! It also didn’t leave a greasy pallet like some fish and chips do. Spot on!


I couldn’t not go for the full monte! I enjoyed the sticky toffee pudding and a scope of chocolate chip ice cream! I was stuffed to the gunnel by this point!

Value for money !

Would you believe – dare I say it, “We had a voucher” ! Yes, another voucher! But you know what it was the greatest value for money! Even if we hadn’t used the voucher the money spent would have been worth it, it is excellent value for money! You can take a look at the menu and the prices in this link here. The restaurant have this voucher deal on where you can get 2 courses for 2 people for just £22! Check it out! Find out about the voucher offer.


Beautiful ambiance, very sea side like (which I love- it is my favourite type of setting!) I love the model boats, especially the one named Starling Star 🙂 It was also nice to see photography dotted around the restaurant of the history of the harbour and the fishermen. I also really enjoyed the little lights around the restaurant.

Seating Availability

Well, when we first went in all I could think was ‘I am glad I booked a table’, because every single table in the restaurant was vacant except for the one that was booked for my family, and my friend and I. It was hotching! Good sign though, don’t you think! We also heard from the owner that people are traveling far and wide to experience the Quayside food! Get yer seats booked to avoid disappointment! If you don’t have time to sit in the restaurant and enjoy the ambiance and the view why not take out and sit on the bench 😉 The photo below was taken at the end of the evening before they closed up.

Hand Craft Gins

They have a selection of gins on offer! (Love a Harris Gin with Grapefruit) 😉

So this is a must try! To find out more visit the Quayside’s website by clicking here.

To book call: 01561360111

Thats all for now! I hope you enjoyed this food blog as much as you will enjoy Quayside Restaurant and Fish Bar 😉

Chow chow!

Chlo Jack


“A lifestyle blog written by a Scottish lassie!”

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