Living by the sea..

The one thing that I love most about the place I call, “home” is waking up every morning to that epic view of the North sea!

Picture Taken at the back door
(Property of Chlo Jack On her Mac)

Of course living by the sea comes with many other pleasures; I am often lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the odd dolphin, whale or rare sea bird, and the walks are pretty refreshing too! But more to the point what I love most about living by the sea is the seafood! Yeah we have a really great fish restaurant here in Gourdon which I have told you all about before (see here if you haven’t already seen it), but what really cannot be beaten is cooking up my own delight of homemade fish and chips which is caught and bought in the very place that I wake up and view every morning!

Photo Property of Chlo Jack on Her Mac

Fish on a Friday:

We really are so lucky to be in the position that we can just walk down to the fish house a pick up the freshest fish ever. It is absolutely incredible!!! I could live on seafood if; 1. it weren’t so sparse and 2 it wasn’t so expensive!

Our fish house smells so smokey because they smoke some of the fishes like salmon and haddock.

Fish equipment for catching shellfish

To learn how to cook up your own homemade fish and chips visit my link to: How to Make Homemade Fish and Chips! 

The Birdies: 😛

The one thing that is a bit of a doosey living by the sea is the seaguls pooeing everywhere! It would be just great to enjoy a clean car and clean windows for more than a day after you wash them haha!

Picture taken by Chlo Jack on Her Mac

There are always boaty mc boats in the Harbour!

There are so many different boats in the area!

Girl Sandra
This one doesn’t have a name…

It is fair to say that I love living by the sea ❤

I really hope that you have enjoyed this blog!

Lots of Love from

Chlo Jack


“A lifestyle blog written by a Scottish lassie”

All photography ownership of Chlo Jack on her Mac

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