How to Decoupage…

Learn the art of Decoupage. This is a fun, relaxing and inexpensive craft that all ages and ability’s can do!

Decoupage is a fun and soothing craft that can be enjoyed by all ages and ability’s. It is a chance to get the glue out and make something creative. Decoupage can be applied to pretty much any material, however I prefer to use cardboard material models. Take a look at just a few of the decoupages I have done.

The Hobby Craft Store!

All the essentials you will need for decoupaging.

You can source all of the essentials required to decoupage at your nearest Hobby craft store or if you don’t live near a store then why not order online! Hobby Craft is such an addictive shop! My eyes are bigger than my budget when I am in that shop or even shopping online! More than often when I am shopping at Hobby Craft I see something that I think would be great to do and I just through it in the basket until the basket is over flown and I get the the checkout and don’t have an option but to buy a bag! Anyone that knows I am particularly grippy about buying a bag at a shop. The bill might be a shocker by the time the shop assistant has scanned my mountain of decoupage things, but at least Hobby craft do 10% student discount. Life saver! You can also apply your student discount via online if you sign up to Uni Days. The joys of being a student! The thing is though it doesn’t actually need to be an expensive craft it only is if your like me and you go wild in the shop!

Things That You Will Need…

*PVA Glue Click here to view It doesn’t matter which glue you choose!

*Flat Paint Brush Click here to view

*Decoupage paper (There are so many jazzy types!) Click here to view Hobby Crafts Range of paper

*Decoupage models or even furniture Click here to view decoupage shapes

*Scissors – This is to cut the little bits of paper into squares. Alternatively you can rip the paper into squares.

*2 little bowls – One is for putting the glue in and the other is for the little bits of paper.

How to Decoupage

It is super simple just cut, or tear little bits of decoupage paper, dot some glue on the cardboard model and place your squares of paper on the area of glue, then dab some more glue down on top of the paper to leave a shiny finish. This should be repeated until the whole model is covered with no gaps visible.

Check out this video below for guided support!

*Top tip: when your finished working on your decoupage project ensure to wash your brush and glue bowl with warm water to remove the glue setting in hard.

That is all for now… If you have any questions about decoupage feel free to leave a comment below! It be nice to see some of your decoupage projects too! 🙂

Lots of Love From

Chlo Jack


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