Aunty Bettys Stonehaven

There is nothing more satisfying than a delicious ice cream treat from Aunty Bettys Ice Cream Shop down at Stonehaven beach promenade on a summers day. With all the toppings of course!😋 My latest visit was on route while doing the Stonehaven window competition. You can find out more about this by clicking here.

The Aunty Betty’s ice cream shop has been around for a long time. In fact there has been over a 10 thousand people checked in at Aunty Betty’s, according to Facebook 😉 This is no surprising considering every time I visit their is a queue of people right out the door, whether there is rain, or sun! ☔️ ☀️ I have queued up for a tub of their delicious ice cream in the height of winter! It’s really that good!

I would say the shop is quirky and unique and is sorta old style with a modern twist. 😍

As well as delicious ice cream, they sell a selection of handmade celebration cakes, doughnuts cake pops, 🍭 marshmallow sheep, and tablet and fudge. 🧁 🎂 There is also a selection of different kind of sweeties and pick n mix. 🍬 🍫 The also sell coffee to go too! ☕️

A Treat For Doggies Too!

They even have a little treats for you doggo companion. There are a selection of bones and chews, balls and even little doggie pick n mixes. They also do doggie ice cream cones, so that your doggo doesn’t feel too left out on the ice cream and you aren’t guilt tripped into giving up a bit of your cone.

The Ice Cream And Sorbet🍦

The ice cream and sorbet is made at Simpson’s of Buckie. (Buckie is burgh town on the Moray Firth coast of Scotland).

Ice creams and Sorbet selection

There is a wide selection of ice cream and sorbet flavors, and many tasty toppings and sauces to choose from. On my latest visit I went all out at had 2 scoops for a change: the first scoop was a caramel and coffee with choc chip pieces and the second scoop was chocolate chip. They served it with my choice of topping plate. I choose plate number 2. Plate Number 2 included mini marshmallows (they are my faves), 2 variety of jazzie buttons, a chocolate flake, a chocolate wafer and a plain water! Talk about all the toppings! There were 3 topping plates to choose from, if you talk nicely enough they might even allow you to swap certain toppings for ones that are on a different plate.

Topping plates

The reality of the beautiful picture below this paragraph is that as soon as I took the photo the ice cream was melting everywhere. It was such a hot day it really felt like it was a race against the sun to eat it before it melted even more. I think I was probably a tidier ice cream eater when I was 2 ! 😂 That’s why the little wipe aunty Betty gives you with your ice cream comes in very handy! 😉 However, on this occasion the little wipe didn’t really fully fix my melt disaster. It was a good job the public toilets were just around the corner as I was able to give my hands a clean. Thanks to Aunty Bettys and the Bay Fish and Chips who look after the public toilets for our wee town which has enabled it to remain open.

It was an eventful visit. I would defiantly recommend you take a visit to this lovely little quirky gelato shop, and take a walk on stonehavens peaceful beach. Bring the wipes with you just in case, and watch out for the gulls!

Where is Aunty Bettys ?

That’s all for now !

Lots of Love from

Chlo Jack


“A Lifestyle Blog Written by a Scottish Lassie!”

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