Stonehaven Window Competition- A Blast From The Past!

It’s the summer holidays which means that the Stonehaven window competition is back !! A fun and inexpensive activity for all ages to get involved with!

What is the Stonehaven Window Competition and how can I take part?

It is a competition that runs during the summer holidays for all ages! Local businesses around Stonehaven have placed an unusual item in their shop window that you wouldn’t normally see, and you have to find it in the window and write it up on your players sheet. The item in the window changes every week over the 7 weeks that the school holidays run, so you could play each week if you wanted to. The competition entry runs every Monday 12 noon, until the following Monday 12 noon for each 7 weeks of the school holidays. There are 44 businesses windows in total that you must visit to find the answer.

You can source your window competition sheet from My beautiful Caravan shop in Stonehaven. It costs as little as £1 to play. Their is a cash prize for the winner, and also a family voucher for the Outdoor Pool. All competition sheets should be handed back to My Beautiful caravan. Remember to hand your sheet back by the following Monday at 12 noon. (If you are a young one remember to take your parent or guardian with you and check their permission!)

Blast from the past!

The Stonehaven window competition has been around since I was a little girl and I am 24 now! I can remember taking part in it with my mum when I was just in primary school.

Well, I thought I would re-live my past and give it ago and see if it was as difficult as when I was a kiddie.

I took my friend Lindsay along to too! It was not something that she had heard of before so she was definitely up for the challenge. I had found out later on in the day that when she had agreed to doing it she didn’t even know what she was getting her self involved with! So this was a surprise for her!

Tips to get started:

*Plan your route and your time ( Lindsay and I did the competition in just one day, but you may wish to do it over a few days).

*Write the answers on plain paper then fill the competition sheet (It’s much tidier)

*Remember to check the number on each window and put the correct answer against it on the sheet.

*Bring a clip board and a couple of pens.

*The answer may not jump out at first. Take your time and look in all areas of the window. (For some reason I got a lot of them straight away, no idea how… Lindsay was like how!? Where!?! However there was one businesses in particular that shocked me! (It was pretty tricky) and it was not the place that used to challenge me when I was a kiddie! So that was a surprise! It turned out the answer had been literally right in front of me all along!

Local businesses that have got involved.

So it starts off at My Beautiful Caravan. 1

Then Stepping Stones 2

Then Pebble 3

Then Michies the Chemist 4

Then Arduthie House Tea Room 4

And so on….. the sheet will guide you! Here is a little slide show of some of the businesses that have taken part this year. (This is in no order!)

Of Course Lindsey and I stopped off for a little ice cream treat on the way at the one and only Aunty Betty’s. You can hear more about that ice cream delight by clicking here.

We finished the competition at the Stonehaven Paddle Boarding Company, which is down at the Harbour. It got me in the mood for some paddle boarding, but I decided to save that for another day. We were pretty sleepy after walking all round Stonehaven!

As well as a bit of fun it was really good exercise! My phone picked up our steps…

It was good fun overall, and also a good excuse to look at the nice things in some of the shop windows 😛

We returned our sheet to My Beautiful caravan (just before closing time) and were advised that the winners would be announced on My Beautiful Caravans shop door along with the answers from that week.

Why not give it ago sometime!

Remember to check the dates before hand. The competition may be over by the time you have read this blog-If this is the case, no worries you could always try it out next summer!)

That’s all for now!

Thank you for reading! I hope you have enjoyed this post!

Lots of Love from

Chlo Jack


“A life style blog written by a Scottish Lassie!

2 thoughts on “Stonehaven Window Competition- A Blast From The Past!

  1. There’s something similar in Broughty Ferry which I used to do when little and have gone back to do with Nathan a few times. We love it.

    How did I not know Stonehaven had one too?! Must try it


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