Doggo’s First Time On The Agility Course!

It was a super sunny day on Tuesday so I decided to dig out the agility kit that I bought for the dogs when I was younger. It was such a great day in the garden! I had originally had James in mind for this activity, 1 because he is the youngest of my doggo clan, 2 because he is always pretty jumpy, and 3 because he is the most athletic out the 3 doggos. However, they all got a little go and to my surprise I found that our oldest girl (age 12 at that), was the most taken and obedient to each of the obstacles. I was beaming from ear to ear!! 🙂 It was so lovely to see her embrace this good fun! I mean she isn’t getting any younger and it breaks my heart that she Is growing older every day, but just to see her in her element really having fun and able to jump a little was great! I mean we are no experts, I just wanted to give it ago and have a little fun with them.

The Obstacles on our Little Agility Course!

The Jump

Sit, Stay…..! Good Girls!

I used the word “Jump” to command star to jump over this obstacle.

Shes just the best! I love this !!

The Tunnel

Star took to this one straight away! I was amazed. I started off by just throwing a treat in and command with the word “IN STAR” and she would run in and get it and when she reached the bottom of the tunnel she would get another treat and lots of praise because she did a great job! (She will literally do anything for food this one!) She then learnt that if she kept going into the tunnel she would get a treat! ! of course when I took to showing my parents what she could do she went all diva on me and decided to show me up! Cheeky monkey!

Jump to Hoop

This was more Carina’s favorite but star and James enjoyed it too! I used the command “Through” to direct them through the hoop- and wangled biscuits above their noses! ha!

The Polls

The dreaded polls!!! Oh my word!! In agility books and articles that I have read, everyone says that the polls are the hardest to teach! They weren’t kidding!! Serious challenge!! We can sort of do them! Just not as easily as the other obstacles! (lol) Lets just say this one is a working progress and half the biscuit box is required!

Take a look at our little video for a laugh!

*FUN FACT *Where agility originated from

Agility first originated in 1978 in English. It was known to be shown at crufts during the “half time break period”. The nature of the activity originates from horse jumping competitions. It’s intention was just to show off the dogs natural speeds agility. The activity then became competitive by many and then sport was then born. Crufts here we come! 😉 What is great about this sport is that it not only exercises the body, but is great at stimulating and exercising the mind of the dog and the owner!

I was lucky enough to see this when I was at crufts a few years ago. I was down to show one of our old pups in ring craft. It really is an incredible experience!

Anyway this was a great day!! I love my dogs so much, they truly are my world! It was a really lovely day making memories with them ❤

To find out more about my doggo clan you can click here!

That’s all for now!

Lots of Love From

Chlo Jack!


“A lifestyle blog written by a Scottish Lassie!”

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