The Art of Marbling…

Another craft which I have enjoyed doing for over 2 years now is Marbling. I first came across this craft at the The Creative Craft Show at the SEC in Glasgow. It is a pretty incredible affair! It is like one big giant hobby craft, but as well as being able to purchase new craft material there are workshops to try out. As well as decorative crafts to experience doing there is are a variety of craft food and drink stalls. From Gin, to chocolate, to delicious homemade pies and cheeses. I have attached a link to this fair here for you to take a look at. It is coming up soon actually!

So back in 2017 the Marble Art caught my eye and I decided to give the mini workshop ago… I dipped a white sheet of card into the ready made marble water, when pulling it out of the water my white card had a perfect radiant and colourful swirl across the page… It was pretty mesmerising I am pretty sure I shouted out “COOL” in excitement when I first saw the results….and from then on I was sold! The marble kit was pretty pricey at the fair so I decided to purchase the necessary marbling items from the Hobby Craft store.

Things you need for marbling...

  • Deep tray or Tupperware box
  • Cold water
  • Spoon
  • Cocktail sticks or marbling comb
  • Marble Bath
  • Marble inks
  • Something to marble: I use the following materials: Card, Ceramic, canvas, pebbles.
  • Your marble art game! You need to have creative enthusisum about you to create and enjoy!

The beauty of this craft is that you never know what the results are going to be and every time the result is different and quite often a great surprise!

How to Marble!

*Prepare the marble bath by putting 1 litre of water in a plastic box and add 2 heaped tablespoons of the marble bath mix. Stir and then leave to set for 2 hours. There have been many of times that I have only given it 20 minutes to set, it works but it is not as effective as it would be to leave for the longer period of time.

*Have your marbling material ready. This may be card, paper, canvas, ceramics, cloth, wood, cardboard. I have found card, paper and ceramics to be the most effective materials.

*Next apply a small amount of inks to your water and use a cocktail stick or marbling comb to deign a shape of your choice and make a swirl.

*Place your chosen material on top of the ink for 10-15 seconds and remove. Place on a cloth or draining board to dry. DO NOT PUT THE MATERIAL UNDER THE WATER!

Make sure to clean up thoroughly afterwards, the surface, your hands, the box, and the cutlery used. The marbling bath mix can be particularity dangerous if ingested. Therefore it is at this point it is important to mention that parental supervision is strongly advised!

Check out this little VLOG demo..

Price Range

This craft can be quite expensive ranging from around £10-£30 so be sparing with the materials. Across several websites inks prices range from £4.25 to £4.75. The marbling bath ranges from £2.95- £4.75. The main manufacturer sells the marbling bath at a cheaper price! The inks last a long time. I have had the same ink pots since I started this craft 2 years ago. It is the marble bath that can be used more quickly depending on how often you marble. Note that the bath lasts 24 hours so you could use it for a few projects. Click to visit Pebeo (thee manufacturer of marbling ink material) for more info on the marbling resources. There is also the opportunity to order resources there too. Alternatively amazon and hobby craft sell the materials too. I also noticed Baker Ross was doing a little deal on inks which might be worth trying out if you wanted to start small. Remember Hobbycraft do student discount! (Which is always a bonus!) 🙂 Lots of places to choose from!

I hope you have enjoyed this blog!

Feel free to leave any questions below.

That’s all for now, I hope you have enjoyed this one!

Lots of Love From

Chlo Jack!


“A Lifestyle Blog Written by a Scottish Lassie!”

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